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The Gathering: Our Golden Globes Coverage

It was a night of much shouting, imbibing, and out-and-out anarchy. It’s kind of a wonder that The Red Keep (a.k.a. Brian’s house) didn’t burn to the ground. But here it is, our full recorded coverage of the 2014 Golden Globes!

If you didn’t get a chance to listen live, just ignore the references to the webcam we had set up in the living room. Or better yet, don’t ignore them and instead add that to the growing pile of evidence against our collective sanity.

Major thanks to all our guests: Ashley, Beau, Cargill, Elliott, J.C., and Will Goss.

And an extra special thanks to all of you in the Us Nation. Thanks for tuning in, whether it was live or just to download this digital record of pure lunacy. We always enjoy making you a part of our Gatherings.

(As with any major chaotic recording session, there will be audio imperfections. Thank you for your understanding.)