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‘Pitch Perfect’ Actress To Direct Sequel

Okay, so aside from a few performance scenes, Elizabeth Banks wasn’t in much of Pitch Perfect, but she was in the film nonetheless. In any case, Banks is not only going to make her directorial debut with the sequel, but she will be returning to reprise her commentator role as well. Also likely to return to star in the sequel are Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

There may not be a lot of dude points in admitting that I like Pitch Perfect, but to be honest I actually dig the film quite a bit. It’s light easy-to-watch entertainment and Anna Kendrick is not only funny, but easy on the eyes. There is quite a bit of cheesy eye-rolling dialogue here and there and the songs aren’t always my cup of tea, but the film is undeniably charming and it’s pretty simple to find one’s self tapping or nodding along to the a cappella versions of the popular tunes.

Also in the growing list of returning Pitch Perfect alum is writer Kay Cannon. The first film was a huge hit among moviegoers when it was released, making over $100+ million worldwide on a budget that was under $20 million not to mention its ridiculous success on DVD and the soundtrack. The film also spawned the massive hit for Anna Kendrick’s song “Cups” which was featured in the film during her audition, which radio stations have been playing TO DEATH ever since.

There is not news on what the sequel will entail or who else may be returning to star or what hot pop culture commodity might be added to the cast. It’s likely we won’t see the sequel until sometime next year so there’s plenty of time to speculate on story ideas and possible co-stars for the film.

Who do you think should be cast/recast for the Pitch Perfect sequel? Did you enjoy the original film? Is Banks the right choice to direct? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

Via: THR