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Movie Review: The Invisible Woman

Ralph Fiennes apparently has a knack for the double duty on set, as once again he stands in front of and behind the camera on this romantic period piece.

Now don’t get all huffy and run off, it may be a romantic period piece but it’s got ol’ Ralph playing the great author (and just wild human being) Charles Dickens. Patriarch of a distressingly huge family, after having used his wife for decades as a baby factory, his eyes light on a young actress, Nelly, played here by up-and-comer Felicity Jones.

I’m feeling younger and more spry myself just thinking about her.

These were different times, and a woman who decides to be a mistress better be sure she can keep that job, because there wasn’t much in the way of a retirement plan back then..

The Unusual Suspects are on the case to give you the heads up: Too dry and English-y (apologies to my British friends or anyone who respects the English language) or Too wet and mushy? Or maybe, just maybe, this one is just right. Ashley, Martin and Chris give ya the low-down.