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‘Write a Movie With Us’ – Week 7

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Okay, we are back! A continuation of the last two weeks writing. This week we turn our attention to act 3 of our growing horror story.

Now, whilst we look to act 3 if you haven’t caught up writing or want to back to last week for act 2 then by all means do so. Think of these three weeks as combined. Linked by a membrane of story.

This week, we can also turn our attention to possible titles. To inspire tone and title thought, I’ve created a concept trailer for us all to view below; enjoy.

So once again using The Script Labs break down of sequences for ease, we look at act 3;


SEQUENCE SEVEN – New Tension & Twist

The full yet simple, brief establishment of the third act tension with its requisite exposition. Simpler, faster in nearly all ways, with rapid, short scenes and no real elaborate set-ups. The TWIST can end this sequence or come at the start of the eighth sequence.


Hell-bent for the RESOLUTION. Clarity is important. If they turn left, all is well, if they go right, the world as we know it ends. Not that we don’t have complex emotions or ideas about what it all amounts to, but at this point we crave clarity. Will he get the girl, defuse the bomb, turn in his murderous brother and escape from the sinking boat surrounded by sharks?

This is a big week for getting our script together so do input as much as possible! So get writing once again. Feel free to write as much as possible. The more detail, the better. For those wishing to send anything through email (celtx and final draft can be a drag for those who use it) feel free to send ANYTHING to or as always, put it in the comments section.

Finally, as always, collaborate and share. Good luck.