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‘Write a Movie With Us’ – Week 5

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This week is the first week we really get to start writing content. We’ve decided on our plot and discussed the world that our characters inhabit along with our characters themselves. Last weeks page will remain a source of discussion I feel as we refine the imagery of that world and how it feels, so feel free to continue adding ideas and thoughts to it this week right here. Check out this weeks introduction video for more details.


Now, I think there’s nothing else to do but begin to understand the basic structure of a three act script and start to map our own story. So, for the next three weeks we will focus on each act of the film beginning with act 1.

I have used The Script labs breakdown of acts to help us construct our script, but it is in way bible. So, Act 1;

SEQUENCE ONE – Status Quo &  Inciting Incident Establishes the central character, his/her life, and the status quo and the world of the story. It usually ends with the POINT OF ATTACK or INCITING INCIDENT, but this plot point can sometimes appear earlier in the first few minutes of the film.

SEQUENCE TWO – Predicament & Lock In Sets up the predicament that will be central to the story, with first intimations of possible obstacles. The main tension will be established at the end of the act. The sequence ends when the main character is LOCKED IN the predicament, propelling him/her into a new direction to obtain his/her goal.

So this gives us an idea of what we are setting up in the first act and what we will be building to in the subsequent acts.

Now it’s over to you fellow writers, start writing Act 1. You can write paragraphs, bullet points, fully formatted script pages, whatever you want. It’s not the format that matters right now it is the content. Also, don’t feel you need to include things like camera angles or any technical aspects – though if you feel it is suitable then feel free also. Remember to keep coming back and keep contributing, share the creative process with anyone you think would be interested. The more in the writers room the better.

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