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‘Write a Movie With Us’ – Week 6

Okay, so it says week 6, but think of this as week 5.2. A continuation of last weeks beginnings. This week we turn our attention to act 2 of our growing horror story.

Now, whilst we look to act 2 if you haven’t started writing or want to back to last week for act 1 then by all means do so. Think of these three weeks as combined. Linked by a membrane of story.

So once again using The Script Labs break down of sequences for ease, we look at act 2;


SEQUENCE THREE – First Obstacle & Raising the Stakes

The first OBSTACLE to the central character is faced, and the beginning of the elimination of the alternatives begins, often a time where EXPOSITION left over from ACT I is brought out. Since our character is locked into the situation and can’t simply walk away, the stakes are higher – there is a lot more to lose.

SEQUENCE FOUR – First Culmination/Midpoint

A higher OBSTACLE, the principle of RISING ACTION is brought in and builds to the FIRST CULMINATION, which usually parallels the RESOLUTION of the film. If the story is a tragedy and our hero dies, then the first culmination (or midpoint) should be a low point for our character. If, however, our hero wins in the end of the film, then sequence four should end with him winning in some way.

SEQUENCE FIVE – Subplot & Rising Action

The SECOND ACT SAG can set in at this point if we don’t have a strong SUBPLOT to take the ball for a while. We still want RISING ACTION, but we’re not ready for the MAIN CULMINATIONyet.

SEQUENCE SIX – Main Culmination/End of Act Two

The build-up to the MAIN CULMINATION – back to the main story line with a vengeance. The highest obstacle, the last alternative, the highest or lowest moment and the end of our main tension come at this point. But we get the first inklings of the new tension that will carry us through the third act.

Note: Since most midpoints and endings are paralleled, the PLOT POINT at the end of act two is usually at a polar opposite of those points. So if our hero wins at the midpoint and at the end of the film, then he usually has hir lowest point here.

So get writing once again. Feel free to write as much as possible. The more detail, the better. For those wishing to send anything through email (celtx and final draft can be a drag for those who use it) feel free to send ANYTHING to or as always, put it in the comments section.

Finally, as always, collaborate and share. Good luck.