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The New ‘Dawn of The Planet of The Apes’ Trailer is Bananas!

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I absolutely LOVED Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was my personal favorite movie that came out that year.  It was the perfect blend of drama and action and it even had a severely under-appreciated performance from my man, Andy Serkis, as Caesar. Yeah sure, there were some silly things in there that don’t make any sense, and the human characters were completely one-dimensional, but this was CAESAR’S movie. His arc was so tragic and powerful, that when he rallied up the rebels for viva la chimpanzee, I was 100% there.

So here comes the sequel three years later. When I first heard that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes wouldn’t be in the hands of Rupert Wyatt, the first movie’s director, I was pretty disappointed. The only film I saw by the new director, Matt Reeves, was Cloverfield and I thought that movie was pretty fun. But nonetheless, I was still really disappointed…

But then the trailer was released:


There is no need for magnifying glasses and microscopes to analyze this baby. After the virus spread, the humans that survived fought each other, because that’s what humans do when anarchy and the apocalypse happen. Now, they must band together and war against the genetically enhanced apes, and battle to be the dominant species on earth.

After watching this trailer. All I could say was Ho…ly… SHIT! Chills my friends. Mother loving CHILLS! First of all, I love me some James Franco, but I’m sorry, Gary Oldman is a huge step up. I am expecting a lot from him as a leader in the human resistance against the apes. And let’s not forget about Jason Clarke! I mean, when he screamed “I need to speak to Caesar!” it just had such a demanding presence (edit: thanks for the correction, Joe_Bender). I’ll also be quoting that in my phone calls forever now.

Secondly, I love love LOVE the direction they are going in! It seems to be a much darker and more serious tone than the first one. I’m getting the same feeling I got when watching The Dark Knight trailer for the first time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dawn is to Rise as The Dark Knight is to Batman Begins. This film looks like it is going to be emotionally draining, with bad-ass war scenes in a ruined city. And that my friends, is something I am DOWN for!

Finally… Andy Serkis. ANDY, F*CKING, SERKIS. He doesn’t even say a single word, nor make a single sound. You just see his eyes that stare directly in to your soul, and make you shit yourself. And then he’ll grab that shit, and throw it at your face. Because it looks like he is PISSED. Probably because he wasn’t nominated for any of his work as Gollum. And boy, he is coming back with a VENGEANCE!

My body is ready.

What about you fellow OOUies? What are your thoughts on this trailer? Are you just as excited as me? Or are you hesitant? Comment below, let One of Us know!