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Microsoft announce January’s Games for Gold

When Microsoft introduced Games for Gold, it was a blatant attempt to rival Sony’s Playstation Plus service. Many detractors were very vocal about its quality but I, at the time defended it. With initial announcements such as Halo 3 and Dead Rising 2 it would surely get better and better. Right?

After around two months the games began to take a downhill turn. Less and less full titles were being released. Instead we got little arcade games that were both disappointing and uninspiring choices. The service really has been shadowed in the investment Sony has put into playstation Plus. The quality and amount of games being realised for the Playstation Three, Playstation Vita and now Playstation 4 are a triumph.

Can this months free games change this trend for Microsoft? Who’s to say. But it’s certainly an improvement. Check out what you can install on your 360 next month.

Sleeping Dogs


Considered a sleeper hit by many, Sleeping Dogs is more than just a GTA clone. Boasting engaging fighting mechanics and an interesting take on the Kung fu genre. Whilst something Playstation plus users had a while back, it’s definitely a great improvement.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light


Before we had the reboot adventure, Lara croft graced the xbox live arcade scene in a surprisingly challenging coop puzzle adventure that is both a visual treat and a fun experience.

Are you excited for Square Enix’ contribution to Games for Gold in January? Or it too little too late? Comment below.