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‘Dredd’ Is Getting A Sequel And It Comes Out This January

SAY WHAT!? I know what you’re thinking after reading that headline, “But the movie made almost no money when it was in theaters and how could a sequel be coming so quickly without any news on a sequel being filmed?” You’re correct, Dredd did not do gangbusters at the box office- to put it lightly- but it has however found quite the following since its DVD release. This unexpected surge in popularity since hitting DVD/Blu-ray led many to hope that a sequel would be given the green light and I guess those people did get their wish. One minor caveat: Dredd’s adventures will not continue on screen. The sequel is coming in comic book form.

That’s correct, rather than a big screen sequel to the 2012 film starring Karl Urban, Dredd: Underbelly will be published next month by 2000AD as a sequel storyline to the film. Underbelly will also be available for purchase for users who prefer to read their comics on Kindle, Nook and iPad devices. Another noteworthy piece of info regarding this release is that it will be 2000AD’s first ever U.S. release in comic book form.

2000AD is right up front with announcing this release as a means to capitalize on the growing awareness of Judge Dredd since the release of the film. Although a sequel in the form of a comic might not be what fans want, it at least keeps hope of a new film alive. There is currently no movement on a film sequel, but I’d say it’s at least a safe assumption that with the release of this new comic that, depending on it’s popularity, interest in a big screen adaptation could be revitalized.

I loved Dredd and as comic-ignorant (sadly) as I tend to be, I am really looking forward to checking out a continuation of the film’s story in any medium that I can. I too would probably prefer a sequel getting a green light, but I have quite a bit of confidence that we will see Judge Dredd on the big screen once again with Karl Urban reprising the role. However, I remain cautious about my hopes, lest I be made a fool and a Dredd sequel never comes to be.

What did you think of Dredd? Will you be purchasing Dredd: Underbelly? Are you still looking forward to a big screen sequel? Sound off below!

Via: THR