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One of Us says Happy Birthday ‘Doctor Who’

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Fifty years ago today a little show aired over here in the UK. Hundreds of Episodes, countless enemies and Eleven (canon) faces later Doctor Who is now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and is stronger than ever reaching an audience of millions not only in the UK, but all over the world.

We’ve had lots of content this week, including the spectacular ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ featuring the trials and tribulations of the shows rough start and features David Bradley in a spectacular performance of First Doctor actor William Hartnell.

But, in mere hours the entire world will unite in front of TV’s and in Cinema’s all over in a live simulcast of the fiftieth anniversary episode ‘The Day of the Doctor’. You can expect plenty of Who content here on One Of Us in the coming week, including a Who centred episode of the INTERN-net Show (with special credits), Day of the Doctor reviews and even continuing reviews of Big Finish adventures from fellow Whovian John Eckes.

Right now, I want to extend a massive Happy Birthday to Doctor Who and here’s to the next fifty years!

I also want to extend my sympathies to my American Friends, many right here on One Of Us, who lost their President John F. Kennedy the day before on November 22nd.

Do you have a favourite Doctor Who moment? Are you Excited about ‘Day of the Doctor’? How did you first get into the show? Share down below in the comments.


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