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New Trailer for ‘Robocop’ online

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A brand new international trailer for the February 12 release Robocop has hit online and you can watch it below. After being badly injured by a explosive car bomb, Officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) has the majority of his body replaced by robotics, becoming RoboCop.

It’s certainly a different take on Alex’s story from the original which manages to introduce something somewhat interesting, but also avoids the R Rating of the original too. Director Jose Padilha said the following about the film:

In the future with autonomous robots you can have a robot in the middle of the desert going after terrorists and you don’t even know the robot is there, and the robot is making its own decisions. And let’s say this robot kills a kid; who is to blame? Is it the company that made the robot, is it the army that deployed the robot, the software handler or the manufacturer? Who is to blame? When you start making machines who make decisions over life and death, something fundamental changes…



I’m still not sure where I sit with this one. This trailer hit the emotional aspects of the piece, and it was certainly touching. But as soon as what seems to be full CG action begins I lose interest. There also doesn’t seem to be any kind of change in Alex when he wakes up. I think I’d have less of a problem with this movie if it wasn’t Robocop.

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What do you think of the Robocop Trailer? Has it changed your perspective on the movie? Comment below.