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‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ Poster Is Ready To Ride

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Unfortunately, Pixar’s most recent movies have presented a dip in the company’s usual standard of quality. However, this has allowed other studios to pick up the slack and get noticed for some of their incredible films. Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon was more than just a small surprise when it was released – it was spectacular. I was blown over by how much I loved that movie and to this day has been the ONLY movie I don’t regret seeing in 3D and would willingly pay money to see it in 3D again. This is why it should not be a secret that I am pretty stoked about the upcoming sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, which has already premiered a stunning teaser trailer and today the first official poster which you can see below.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the TV spinoffs that have followed the film since its release, but my excitement has not lessened for the sequel simply because I eagerly anticipate seeing more breathtaking 3D flying sequences. Plus with the same director returning, I dare say that I also hope for the same kind of heartwarming story the first film did.

I do fear though that since I am much more aware of the sequel than I was of the original, it may not surprise me near as much or excite me as much, but I’m trying not to let those fears keep me from looking forward to the film’s current release date on June 14, 2014. Until then, all we have right now to admire about How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the teaser trailer (which again, is gorgeous) and the new- very simple but impactful – poster. In it we see a slightly grown Hiccup, perhaps with a little more wisdom than when we last saw him now that he’s got a little peach fuzz growing on his chin- and behind him slightly in the shadows is his faithful dragon, Toothless.

The poster doesn’t say or do much in terms of selling what exactly is in store for fans, but I think we can expect that Berk and its people and dragons will have to defend themselves – from what we don’t know. I say that only because Hiccup is dressed in what looks like battle gear with a helmet at his side, not unlike what you see him wearing in the teaser trailer. Remains to be seen, but that’s my two cents on what the poster hints at. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!



Via: HTTYD’s Facebook Page