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Has BatAffleck found his sidekick?

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Hey, Robin! Haven’t seen you in the movies since 1997. Lucky for you, looks like you’ve got a new gig…

In what has been labeled an exclusive report, TheWrap claims that actor Adam Driver, who is known currently for his supporting role on the HBO dramedy Girls, is in serious contention to play the role of Dick Grayson in the Batman-starring sequel to Man of Steel. The character is known for being the first iteration of Robin in the Batman comics, who matures to become the superhero Nightwing and parts ways with his crime-fighting mentor, who will of course be played by Ben Affleck this time around. While Driver is being touted as a frontrunner, TheWrap says that two other unnamed actors are contenders as well. This news comes right after a rumored casting description of Grayson sent out by Warner Bros., which was looking for an actor who emulates a “young John Hawkes”. The film, still tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman, is slated to open July 17, 2015.

It’s about time Batman got a sidekick again on the big screen! While no one was really clamoring for another Robin-type after Batman & Robin (but then again, how could you have hope for the Batman film franchise after watching it back then?), I think most can agree that enough time has passed in the history of Batman on film — especially after the serious tone of the Dark Knight trilogy — to have a Boy Wonder back in the picture. Besides, DC/Warner Bros. is trying hard to build their own cinematic universe of characters, so might as well, right?

As for Driver possibly being Grayson… I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t yet seen something with him featured in it, so I can’t comment fairly on his capability to play the role talent-wise. Seeing that I have no choice but to resort to looks, I’ll say that he definitely has a unique look compared to how Grayson is drawn in the comics, in that he’s not perfectly chiseled for the face model of a young superhero. Saying that, though, I think this is a good quality in terms of cosmetic diversity in comic book films, as he truly gives off the impression of an everyday younger man going out to fight crime, much like Tobey Maguire did for Spider-Man. We’re still in the contention stage, but so far, I’d have no problem with Driver playing the role.

What do you guys think? Is Driver a good fit for the role of Dick Grayson? Can you name someone else that could be better? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Via TheWrap