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Fan Comic Explores a Possible End for Batman

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Batman has been through some incredibly painful situations. The death of his parents, losing Jason Todd to the Joker, Bane breaking his back, watching close friends become murderous psychopaths, the attempt on Barbara’s life, the loss of his son, and the god-awful decisions of DC Comics’ editorial board are just a few of the horrible events the Dark Knight has weathered. These kinds of tribulations would just ruin an average person, but Batman carries on and never waivers from his ideals. That’s why Batman is such a paragon in our culture.

Still, it can be interesting to explore what would happen if Batman couldn’t take it anymore. Asking what would happen if Batman finally broke is a fair and persistent question that has lingered for decades. The Deal, a fan comic written by Gerardo Preciado and drawn by Daniel Bayliss, is one examination of this unthinkable scenario. After years of torment, the Joker has finally brought Batman to the breaking point. The art style is enjoyable and the conclusion these two arrive at is certainly thought-provoking. I would probably come to a different answer than Preciado and Bayliss, and that is perfectly acceptable. We all have our own idea of who Batman is, which means we all would imagine a different end to his crusade. That said, the path these two passionate fans take is absolutely worth a look.

Is the ending depicted in The Deal in line with your vision of who Batman is? What do you think Batman would do if his mission became too much? Voice your opinions in the comments!

Via Moonhead Press – The Deal