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‘Day of the Doctor’ Prequel Welcomes Back Classic Doctor!

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“I’m a Doctor. Though probably not the one you were expecting.”

Behold Doctor Who fans; your wishes, nay demands have finally been granted.

Today the BBC unveiled the official prequel episode to the 50th Anniversary Episode “Day of the Doctor”. Despite the countless rumours and reports to the contrary, the seven minute episode stars a very welcome classic Doctor.

Take a look…


Did you hear that noise? It was the sound of the entire internet collapsing on itself. So, by all accounts this episode has gone down incredibly well. Now that Moffat got something unarguably right, does this mean the world will end?

Has this made you more excited about the Anniversary Episode? Did you enjoy this prequel? Comment below, and expect more Doctor Who discussion in the final days of the time war (err, I mean, final countdown the anniversary)

Source: BBC