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5 Things We Want In ‘The Hunger Games’ Theme Park

That’s right fellow OOUies, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the CEO of Lionsgate Jon Feltheimer, has mentioned that the substantial financial success of The Hunger Games has caught the eyes of investors, who want to launch this franchise in to the novelty world of theme parks. This is what Feltheimer said at a conference call:

“We have been approached in two different territories about potential theme park opportunities, which gives you a sense of the cultural impact of this franchise…”

I was confused when I first heard about this. When I think ‘Hunger Games’, the first thing that comes to mind is a brutal and cold world, where humanity has been lost, as we take joy in watching kids kill each other. I don’t think of the happiest place on earth, where families and couples go watch fireworks and talking mice. Then again, in the world of The Hunger Games, the hunger games themselves is an actual event where families gather around the television to watch. Also, the opening ceremony is a very theatrical event. So you know what? I’ll bite. Here are 5 things that would be cool in a Hunger Games theme park:


A Role Play Scenario

I was listening to a Halloween themed podcast one day and they mentioned going to a different kind of ‘haunted house’, that involved neither a house nor something being haunted. It was a zombie apocalypse type of scenario, where they hook you up with nerf guns and a group of people, as you follow your designated ‘tour guide’ from point A to point B, while having to complete missions to progress through a plot. (Essentially LARPING except with a higher budget) This would be an awesome idea to put in to a Hunger Games Scenario. So maybe, instead of nerf guns, you get some kind of laser tag equipment(or paintball guns for the hardcore), and you and your group could go against other groups. The goal is to find supplies and take them back to your team’s camp. People have to sneak around, because if they are seen by an enemy group member and shot by a laser, they are out. There will be a time limit, and the last team standing/team with the most supplies wins the Hunger Games. They could even control the arena like they do in the movie, shooting fire and releasing technologically engineered beasts to hunt you down!


A Dinner Party

I will never forget the day when I was taken to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. After we were seated in a stadium diner, we screamed and cheered with turkey legs and beer in hand, as we watched knights battle to the death. If they integrated this in to the Hunger Games theme park, that would be pretty sweet. Divide the stadium diner in to 12 different sections, each section representing a district. We would get seated at random, and as we eat our dinner, we will watch our tributes come out in that theatrical fashion, get interviewed by Stanley Tucci, and then have them battle it out. Throw in a pep rally element, trying to hype up the guests for their district tributes, and you’ve got a grand ole time. Let’s hope the food doesn’t taste strange though, because then the odds are forever in your flavor.


The Training Room

Kind of like the role play scenario, the training room could have designated areas for archery, ninja stars, and throwing wrecking balls etc. They could also have a cake decorating station for those Peeta fans! After some training, there could be a kind of competition to where you get to use your newly ‘learned-in-30-minutes’ skills, because watching incompetent archers is quite amusing.


A Fashion Show

Now, I’m not usually one for fashion shows, because high class fashion is a form of art that I don’t really understand. I find clothes and fashion to be analogous to a Christmas gift. The clothes will draw my eye for a second, but then I just become more interested in unwrapping it. The high class fashion in The Capitol however, is so bizarre and wild, that I am interested to see the different renditions on the evolution of what fashion has become in this world.


Peeta’s Bakery/Deli Shop

“Make me a sandwich! With pita bread!”

“Okay! Would you like a Peeta’s butter and jelly sandwich?”


Okay OOUies, what would you want to see in a Hunger Games theme park? Whatever they are, comment below and let One of Us know!

Via The Hollywood Reporter