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Lois Lane One-Shot Scheduled for February 2014

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Given its recent PR tragedies, DC Comics has a lot of work to do if it ever wants start making amends for its grievances against women. An over-sized one-shot starring everyone’s favorite reporter, the acclaimed and fearless Lois Lane, is certainly a step in the right direction. Late last week, DC Comics announced that scribe Marguerite Bennett and and artist Emanuela Lupacchino will come together for a one-shot revolving around Lois Lane, due in stores in February 2014.

The book has been given that somewhat-awkward title of Superman: Lois Lane  (a title reused from another Lois Lane book written several years ago) and will involve tensions between the members of the Lane family. In the story, Lois’ father, General Sam Lane, is accumulating influence in the political and military spheres while Lois’ sister Lucy in falling deeper in the international drug trade. Additionally, Lois must contend with the return of the technological tyrant Brainiac as he attempts to take control over her mind once more.

Marguerite Bennett has written for two of the New 52’s few good titles, namely Batman and Batgirl. She had this to say about the opportunity to write a one-shot starring such an iconic character:

I love the conviction in Lois, how the same woman can maintain such calm and resolve and yet be so invested in the world and all its struggles. She cares so completely as to plunge into the fray, a war journalist or investigative reporter, because she knows that the truth must be brought to light, no matter how ugly, no matter how terrible. Yet she doesn’t permit the darkness, corruption, or trauma of the world she has seen to sully her. It can try and try and try again to dig its hooks into her, but she is fiercer and filled with more conviction than any human or superhuman foe can break. Within her discipline and self-reliance is, I believe, an inherent compassion—an understanding of our suffering, and a trust that the truth will better us—a trust that we will better ourselves.

Bennett is also writing a one-shot title starring Duela Dent, also known as the Joker’s Daughter, but given how awful the recent Villains’ Month Joker’s Daughter story was, who cares?

While my current derision for DC Comics is well-documented, the return of Stephanie Brown and this title are two good reasons for me to consider coming back to the fold. I enjoy Lois Lane the most when she is operating on her own without Superman’s support, as it appears she will be in this story. In addition, Bennett has proven herself capable of writing compelling stories full of thrilling action and riveting plots. As long as the editors of DC don’t overburden her with their input, Superman: Lois Lane stands a chance of being a book worth purchasing.

What are your hopes for Lois’ one-shot? Are you convinced DC is sincerely trying to make smarter decisions? Let us know in the comments!

Via Comic Vine