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Ratings for ‘The Walking Dead’ Are More Alive Than Ever

I am fairly certain that most you tuned in to see The Walking Dead’s season four premiere on Sunday. If not, then I’m hoping you managed  to catch it on your DVR, but if you have not, no worries. I have no intention of spoiling the episode. The reason I’m so confident that anyone reading this most likely tuned in Sunday night is because AMC has reported that 16.1 million people had their eyes peeled to see the return of the hit TV series.

Previously, the record for AMC’s zombie series was 12.4 million viewers for the season three premiere while the finale just barely cracked the 8 million viewer mark. There’s no doubt at this point that the show is doing something right even with some of the mixed views on the first two seasons and the climax to season three. Rick Grimes and his rag-tag group of zombie apocalypse survivors continue to draw record numbers and thus ensure the survival of the series beyond its fourth season.

Though it might be viewed as a vastly unpopular opinion, I actually love every season so far, which includes the first two. I recall reading and listening to a variety of widely negative views on season two, but I happened to find it to be very effective in spite of the lack of action for the majority of the episodes. Season three got off to an incredible start and maintained that quality throughout the season before the finale left a little to be desired.

So with the start of season four- without spoiling- I feel we are off to a pretty great start. The premiere episode had an abundance of zombie action and continues to deliver some spectacular gore effects. The new episode does suffer from all the jumping around from scene to scene given all the new characters that are introduced, but delivers a pretty mysterious and interesting new conflict that the characters will likely have to deal with for the remainder of the season. My hopes are indeed high and look forward to seeing how it all plays out!

What did you think of The Walking Dead’s season premiere? What are your thought’s on the previous seasons? Sound off below! (Those looking to avoid spoilers should probably expect the comment section to contain spoilers for all seasons including the season four premiere.)

Via: IGN

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