Halloween comes to the INTERN-net show!

Halloween is brilliant, Simply Brilliant. If you haven’t noticed already, Halloween is one of the most exciting times for us here at OneOfUs. A legitimate time to discuss all things horror and a time when all things horror are brought to the forefront.

The INTERN-net show is no different and in my effort to get away from reading the news and creating a discussion show, I want to hear from you guys!

So lets create a discussion that I can continue on the show. Here are some questions for you for you to explore, and be as creative, funny, silly as you like.

1. We’ve had plenty of horror icons come to blows throughout history, but which iconic character comes out on top in the ultimate battle for you? And why?

2. Many franchises have peaked. Many are considered dead (Halloween for example). So looking at potentially rebooting these franchises or creating another sequel, how would you bring these films back for a modern audience – pick your franchise, pick how you’d bring it back.

3. A nice and simple one – your top ten horror movies of all time. Lets create a list of much watches for this Halloween. They can be as obvious or obscure as you want.

Got something else to say? Want to create discussion on the show about another Halloween related topic? Do comment below and start that conversation.

Look out for the INTERN-net Show later this week and I look forward to reading your comments!

Passionate about Horror? Why not write a movie us?¬†or download some great horror related commentaries from resident Horror geeks Brian Salisbury, Chris Cox and Rage Select’s very own Jason Murphy.

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19 thoughts on “Halloween comes to the INTERN-net show!”

  1. Another question you should also pose to the oneofus’es should be:

    What films have you seen that are in a different genre or are not marketed as a horror film that is actually disguised as a horror movie?

    I’ll go first.

    The Pacifier

    This Vin-Diesel Nanny Abomination of a movie is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen…

    As for a serious answer: Cloverfield

    Also to revamp the show; maybe do a live stream with the audience?…

    1. A live stream is definitely possible once we have a large enough audience. I’m in the uk too so time zone is certainly an issue. I haven’t saw the pacifier, thankfully but great question to answer!

  2. 1. Freddy because he lives in the dream world and no matter what he will find a way to kill
    2. Sleep away Camp You do it like the original except change the names, keep the twist, and the death are original except for what happens to the Chief

  3. My Top 10 horror movie

    10, Halloween (original)

    9. Shawn of The Dead

    8. Psycho (original)

    7. The Evil Dead (original)

    6. The Thing (original)

    5. Alien

    4. Trick r Treat

    3. Dawn of the Dead (Remake)

    2.. Nightmare on Elm Street

    1. Friday the 13th (original)

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