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Darth Vader Prepares To Bring The Dark Side To Your TV

We are still awaiting some huge news on the Star Wars Episode VII front, but while we wait we have been seeing some bits and pieces of some other really cool happenings in the Star Wars universe on a smaller scale. Folks over at the European Brand Licensing Show got a sneak peak into some of Disney’s Star Wars plans and one of them happens to involve one of the series’ most iconic characters.

Attendees of the aforementioned show received a brochure with some of the cool release plans regarding Star Wars properties including the release of the LEGO Star Wars games on mobile platforms sometime in 2014, news that Star Wars Episode VII is currently slated for a Summer/Spring 2015 release and quite possibly the biggest bombshell of the bunch is that there are plans to release a series of TV specials featuring non other than Darth Vader.

The image of the schedule gave no further details, but I have to say that the prospect of a Darth Vader TV show is pretty exciting to me. We live in exciting times in general as Star Wars fan as we await any huge news in the casting department of the new film from J.J. Abrams, but all of the new content coming out of Disney I feel is something to get hyped up about- unless of course we are doomed to relive the disappointment the prequels rained down on fans.

Are you excited about a Darth Vader themed TV series? Who do you want to see cast in Star Wars Episode VII? What additional types of Star Wars themed content would you like to see?

Via: Jedi News