Digital Noise: Episode 5


Set your phasers to fun, Digiphiles! This week, captains Brian, Chris, and Luke boldly go on a fantastic voyage that takes them all the way from Oblivion to a New World. A wide variety of interesting titles covered as well as an outstanding Korean gangster film giveaway. Not to mention answering questions from a couple of awesome ladies in The Letterbox.

Crank the dial up to 12 and enjoy the Digital Noise.

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Oblivion Blu-ray review  Peggy Sue Got Married Blu-ray review  The Fog Blu-ray review

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Combat Girls DVD review  Star Trek S4 Blu-ray review  Legend of Korra Book 1 Blu-ray review

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Banshee Blu-ray Review  Under the Bed Blu-ray review  Incredible Melting Man Blu-ray review

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Black Rock Blu-ray review  Rosalind Leigh DVD review  The Demented Blu-ray review

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Oliver and Company Blu-ray review  Robin Hood Blu-ray review  Fernando di Leo Vol 2 Blu-ray review

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New World Blu-ray review


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2,654 thoughts on “Digital Noise: Episode 5”

  1. Banshee may be my favourite new show this year, extremely refreshing and lots of fun. It’s as if they took an unpublished comic book concept from Vertigo and decided to film it! Lots of excellent performances and characters that intrigue from the moment they come on screen. Also the sex and violence in this show make Game of Thrones look like the freaking Teletubbies!

  2. In Banshee, I have to ask, how is the mayor? Danny Ross Owens currently works for me. (Talk about small world)

  3. Hey guys! Just writing to say I just took Luke’s advice from around 2 weeks ago and watched 6 Souls. I can see why u guys didn’t like it, but I can also see why Luke did. Jonathan Rhys Meyers put on a great performance, but ultimately I found the film to be stupid and nonsensical. Yes, it certainly keeps you engaged, and it’s somewhat entertaining…but what was up with that hokum mystical voodoo mountain man religion. Weird film, I didn’t really dig it to be honest but I’m glad I can knock it off my films to see list.

  4. My big thing about Oblivion is that the big reference/steal from the ‘certain recent movie’ (I don’t know if I should say it, but you’ll know it), I called from about 30 minutes in. Just the way everything was done and how it was all put together, I was just thinking about that movie. Granted, I’ve seen it about four times, and I love it. The rest of the twist I really liked, and I really liked 70% of it, but the other 30%, when it was moving from tone to tone, just put me off of the thing.

  5. *bad Boston accent*
    The name is Ratatat Jones. I have no real name. It was lost in a horrible reenactment of the Goblet of Fire, in which my name was incinerated, along with all fourteen of my brothers, responsible for my vicious but sometimes very sensitive personality.
    I gained my fortune with the simple idea that the world was getting far too accustomed with the poor quality of its hot dog, and other sausage, buns. So I invented the greatest hot dog bun ever seen on the market, highly addictive, and said to be so addictive, that it is banned in every state except for South Carolina. This is not South Carolina.
    My name comes from how I have maintained this monopoly over the Massachusetts hot dog bun industry. I have kept a vault of exactly 91 male and 4 female rats in an underground bunker where they are well kept but very addicted to hot dog buns. Every mating season, the furious 87 male mice who have not succeeded in finding a partner are then released into the warehouses of my competitors, which are often disguised as movie theaters, which Hollywood claims take in absolutely no revenue, making it a perfect place to hide hot dog buns. With no competition, I own the town. Join me, or get out. We have that on a sticker for when you join the gang. No musical gang fights.

    *real voice*
    Thought I’d go real bizarre on this one, hope you guys like it. Thanks and love the show!

  6. I think the worst cover art is the one for the movie Cronos that has the device crawling up a sexy blonde woman’s neck. There are no sexy blonde women in Cronos! And there are actually two versions of this cover as well!

  7. Ivan the Scotsman a man from Russia hits his head and then starts talking like a Scottish person but still with the Russian accent but really fast like a Scotsman and he sells Scottish liquor to the Russian mafia and Vodka to the Scottish mafia and no matter how much people tell him he is Russian he doesn’t listen at all and his empire name is The Hammer and Shamrock

  8. For the giveaway
    ……Do you know me? No? That’s a shame considering I know you. Hell, you’ve been a person of interest to me for quite some time now…..But forgive me. I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Carver Shaw….No lights coming on suddenly up there? Not ringing any bells. Perhaps you know me by my other name…Sickle…Ah, so you do know me! Well if you know “Sickle” Shaw then you know I’m into quite a few “enterprises,” but the one I started with is near to my heart. Did you know that the illegal sale of corneas and stem cells is very profitable? Of course you did. You’ve been metaphorically bumping up against me in an attempt to steal my money in that regard. How ironic that you’ll be paying me back with our common product…..Don’t worry, we need you alive for awhile to get the most out of you, but a man out west will be needing those lovely green eyes of yours rather quickly and is paying well for them. Now, if my assistant will bring me my Sickle and the good doctor will begin the removal of your eyes. I’ll do the honors of cutting the optic nerve of course.

    I would build my illicit empire by opening a food cart that sells bacon here in Chicago, but instead of *good* bacon I only sell turkey bacon.
    All the while I’d have regular bacon cooking at all times just to draw people into my bait-n-switch deal.
    To answer the obvious question: I eat all the good bacon.
    My gangster name would be “The German Swine,” and what would become of my enemies is obvious: they BECOME the bacon!

  10. I hear everything…I’m the voice in your head.

    The voice telling you that there’s a hidden mic under the poker table.
    Or a small camera in the fireplace.
    Perhaps the mirror in your bedroom works in more ways then one.

    I know everything that happens in this city.
    I’ve watched what you do on your trips to the southside Alderman Tate.
    I’ve seen what was left of that 16 year old girl Mr.Giancana

    I know who’s under your sheets at night Mayor

    …Make the check out to Brundle Caul.
    I’m the BED BUG
    And I’m very…very…good…at my job.

  11. I hear everything…I’m the voice in your head.

    The voice telling you that there’s a hidden mic under the poker table.
    Or a small camera in the fireplace.
    Perhaps the mirror in your bedroom works in more ways then one.

    I know everything that happens in this city.
    I’ve watched what you do on your trips to the southside Alderman Tate.
    I’ve seen what was left of that 16 year old girl Mr.Giancana

    I know who’s under your sheets at night Mr.Mayor

    …Make the check out to Brundle Caul.
    I’m the BED BUG
    And I’m very…very…good…at my job.

  12. Julien Hemmendinger

    Dey Calls me “Jumpy Jules”…Any entrance I make is jumpin tru’ a window. And Guess what I Hustle? The sweetest candy windows, made from sugah. So I Breakem’ n Fixem’. Jules’ Glass I sell. Oh and meth.

  13. (IRL I work at a bookstore and go to community college. I’m using my technical knowledge for this.)

    Hello’s. My name is Barry Read, but my friends call’s me Bedtime Barry, cause I like to read to the terminally ill and fatally injured. That’s how I spend my free time, doing charitable work.

    I run a respectable business, a bookstore no less, cause people really need to read more. It’s called “Books R’ Else.” New, used, and antique books. It makes a little profit, but not enough for my employee’s, who I love like their my children, to pay for there families cost of living and legal fee’s. So we have a side job. Noble in my opinion, but the feds and corporate fat cats may disagree. We’re situated in an area with 3 colleges campuses within a 2 mile radius, and no one knows more than me how expensive textbooks can be. Introduction to Biology can cost a quarter grand, and Gardner’s Art through the ages just came out in a 13th edition for 300 smackers and the 12th edition you can find on amazon for about $0.01. So we help out the poorer students who can’t afford these by photocopying the entire books, stapling and selling them for, say, 1/4 of the price, so between $50-75. Pretty expensive copy paper, but a very cheap college textbook. We also engage in a little bit of book decorating. We decorate books to make them look like Authentic first editions, and pay homeless people to sell the merchandise to other book stores in such a way that it can’t be traced back to us. This has been very profitable, and I’ve since become a somewhat wealthy business man. I now dine nightly with different judges and members of our most glorious legislature. They agree with me that fantasy novels and comic books, are distracting our young people away from what really matters, which is God all mighty, Jesus our lord and savior, and our earthly parents who watch out for us. What’s more, I have convinced them to legislate a ban on all this filth, even though I have a number of considerable warehouse of these banned titles, I will not promote this deviant and dangerous habit our young delinquents are turning to, unless of course they pay black market prices for them. In an unrelated note, I need to sign some checks for my friends re-election campaigns.

    Good day gentlemen,

    Keep Digital noising

  14. Contest Entry…
    Benny “Bloodgun” Jones… Horror fx and makeup specialist by day, purveyor of movie-set memorabilia by night… Hired on various films that still use practical special effects (so, business has been a little lean of late) I slap on prosthetics and use my trusty Bessy, the blood-splatteringest air cannon this side of… well, anywhere. While everyone is busy watching the dailies, I drift around collecting bits and pieces of scripts with actor notes, a removed latex hairpiece in which Lacey Lovely’s hair has caught in the spirit gum, discarded napkins used by Veronica Valentine, or most glorious of quick turnaround sales, the half-eaten craft services sandwich – especially if was featured in one of the newest youtube videos of the egomaniac leading man throwing it in the face of a PA intern… And you wouldn’t believe what some people will pay for discarded movie star condoms… Once the trailer’s done rockin’ Benny’s restocking… his inventory, that is… So keep an eye out for some primo stuff… I’m on eBay with the handle BBJBargains… But, don’t bid unless you’re gonna pay promptly… Otherwise, I’ll have to track you down and… Well, let’s just say Bessy will be firing off a 150 PSI shot into a very uncomfortable place…

  15. And odd question, but are you guys going to review Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox? I’m eager to hear what you guys thought of it as it’s pretty divisive.

  16. Contest Entry…

    Dear Cast of Digital Noise,

    I am gravely disappointed to hear that you are no longer abiding by the terms and conditions of our, so called, “agreement.” Now, I thought I made this clear before during our face-to-face, but obviously that was not the case. You’re lucky I’m willing to repeat myself ’cause the last schmuck who made me do that is no longer with us, bless his soul. Now let me make this crystal clear; no one wins the giveaways except for ME. I receive the blu ray, sell it to my people, and give you a small cut of the profit so you can keep this lovely show running nice and smooth. Last time you slighted me I took away your beloved Remote Viewing and you lost your pal Cyrus in the process. Now if you insult me again I may have to do something even more drastic. Maybe Luke will lose his beard, or perhaps someone’s Bond 50 set may go missing. I don’t know, and I’d like to keep it that way ’cause I like you gentlemen. Don’t you screw this up, capiche? You don’t wanna get on my bad side, and right now you’re not exactly on my good side either.

    Blu Ferrigno

  17. And the New World giveaway winners are…Alex & AlbinoAssassin. Please email us your addresses at

    Seriously, you guys, amazing responses again this week. Tune in to the next episode this coming Tuesday for your chance to win another great prize.

  18. Oscar Baldassari-Vera

    My name is Straight Edge Man. I own the best chicken joint. It is called Tios Pollos. I end my victims with my use of a straight edge razor.

  19. i actually have an all star trek funny quote tat isnt chris’.
    i dont remember which ep of which season but :
    picard is sitting with a female acquaintance of his. they clearly have history, and she leaves a

    ‘Jean-luc you, sexy man’ when she gets up. the face he makes at that moment is priceless.

  20. Jean-François Martel

    I love the Burger King’s creepy stalker ass on my TV. Sadly i believe Burger King dropped him recently 🙁

  21. Jean-François Martel

    It pisses me off that Netflix in different countries have different lineups. I can’t watch The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh.

  22. I am a girl. I listened to Remote Viewing and I’m loving Digital Noise. I decided to emerge from the shadows simply to provide further evidence for Luke that we do indeed exist.

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