One of US What's Your Fandom? - Part 3

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This week’s Breakfast Pub escapes from the norm with a special visit from our Double Toasted friend, Will Valle! Together he and Chris give you all the movie and tv news and trailer reviews you have come to expect from our weekly show!

Chris and Marco take on a pretty darn good batch of movies this week, making it hard to even pick a ‘best of show’. Check out all the blu-ray and dvd reviews right here.

Bayer and Snyder review “Transformers: The Last Knight”, “Band Aid”, “Masterminds” and more!

The gang talks about the first season of the Starz tv adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”.

Everyone Alert!!

This commentary featuring a crossover between our own We Are Error podcast and the Unapologetic Geek Out is free for everyone to download!

Share the agony of a group of critics at their lowest point with the review of Transformers: The Last Knight. You know you want to.

In our first Hulu original we are “Under His Eye” and talk the dark world of The Handmaid’s Tale.


‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer

0 Submitted by on Tue, 13 June 2017, 09:47
After making an impressive debut in Captain America: Civil War, Chadwick Boseman returns as T’Challa/Black Panther, king and ultimate vanguard of Wakanda, now in his own film. Black Panther will be the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature a primarily black cast, and a very impressive one at that. Let’s run it down: Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, Continue Reading...
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We Are Error Ep. 45: Memories of E3

1 Submitted by on Mon, 12 June 2017, 16:59
With E3 2017 in full swing, Jon Romo and Christopher Herman reminisce about the best and most infamous moments of past conferences. The two also talk about the latest video game news this week, including new details regarding Nintendo’s online service, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, the troubled development of Mass Effect Andromeda, a bevy of Pokémon news, and more! Continue Reading...
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Somebody Likes It Ep 107: Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak”

0 Submitted by on Mon, 12 June 2017, 15:59
We’ve been spending lots of time in the 70s, it seems, almost to the point of pricing shag carpeting. Oddly, Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak, their undisputed US breakthrough record and the peak of their notoriety, takes me back…to 2009, when ‘Jailbreak‘ became my antidote to (or respite from) the endless cycle of Michael Jackson tracks on jukeboxes immediately following his passing. Continue Reading...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: Twin Peaks S3 – Ep 5-6

5 Submitted by on Mon, 12 June 2017, 11:59
Diane, it’s Monday morning, June 12th 2017. I’ve gathered together a crew of hard-core Twin Peaks fans to analyze the content of the television episodes of the same name that aired on the 11th and 4th of this same month. Something tells me that there’s more to a lot of what we see here than the casual viewer may be Continue Reading...
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Thumbtacks and Screwjobs Ep 12: Extremely Mild Rules

0 Submitted by on Fri, 09 June 2017, 17:59
Didn’t the WWE promise fewer PPVs in 2017? What did Gene and Richard think of year’s Extreme Rules? Is there any way to save Bayley from the writers’ room death spiral? Is Dean Ambrose about to become the smack talker we need? And do we even need to talk about the Drifter? Plus question time, and the latest update on Continue Reading...
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Deliberations of Doom Episode 9: New Horror Round-Up

3 Submitted by on Fri, 09 June 2017, 16:59
The Doom Patrol returns with a look at some of the more recent horror VOD and Blu-ray releases worth, if nothing else, talking about. And get ready for some SERIOUS debates and different opinions here; the DOD crew stands divided. Check out the titles below and click on them to go to their respective pages for purchase (which, if Continue Reading...
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Movie BS Ep 361: ‘The Mummy,’ ‘It Comes at Night,’ ‘I, Daniel Blake,’ ‘My Cousin Rachel’

0 Submitted by on Fri, 09 June 2017, 15:59
0:00 – Hello, moms and technology, our T-shirts exist IRL 6:00 – The Mummy review 16:30 – It Comes at Night review 24:00 – I, Daniel Blake review (Bayer only) 25:55 – My Cousin Rachel review (Snider only) 29:30 – Summer Box Office Challenge update: Bayer joins the game! 33:35 – This week’s DVDs 35:35 – We dip our grubby Continue Reading...
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Geeks@Large Episode 25: No Small Wonder

0 Submitted by on Fri, 09 June 2017, 11:59
Geeks@Large returns just in time for the greatest of all superheroines to make her big screen debut! Taylor and Kaycee are joined by special guest Mychela to talk about WONDER WOMAN! Check out Geeks@Large on Twitter! Check out our movie commentaries at BandCamp!   Check out Taylor’s web comic, Skeleton Bay Detective Agency Check out our friends at Sweetweenie over on Continue Reading...
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Watch a Movie With Us: The Mummy

1 Submitted by on Thu, 08 June 2017, 11:59
With the oh-so-unsubtle timing of releasing this commentary on the same day as the new bigger and blander Tom Cruise Mummy movie, we’ve gone back to the far-flung year of 1999 for the version of this story that seems to resonate the most with you millennials out there (and young Gen Xers), the Stephen Sommers-directed, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, Continue Reading...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: It Comes at Night

0 Submitted by on Thu, 08 June 2017, 10:59
Let’s say you’re Joel Edgerton. You’ve got a wife and a teenage son, you’re living in a large (!) cabin out in the woods, your father-in-law just passed away and you presumably (due to the viral apocalypse) don’t have to pay taxes or get a job, just living off the land in peace and quiet. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Continue Reading...
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