One of US What's Your Fandom? - Part 3


Justin Zarian is large and in charge again on this week’ Breakfast Pub. This time he has fellow Eye on the Prize “Prizefighter” Shakyl Lambert, as well as a late arrival from UGO Podcast’s Nick Thyse, as co-hosts to help cover the latest in trailers, news and everything in between.

Aardman Animation brings us this tale of warring early human tribes who settle their conflicts with soccer. Because of course they do. *sigh*

Chadwick Boseman is Marvel’s Black Panther, but Wakanda itself is the biggest character in this movie.

Chris and Joe take a look at the home releases of “Jigsaw”, “Geostorm”, “I, Daniel Blake”, “Suburbicon” and more.

Want to spend this romantic holiday watching something lovey with your significant other? In order not to have to sit through “Gone With the Wind”, “Love, Actually” or (god help you) “Valentine’s Day” again, here’s our list of choices for the geek-minded cinephiles out there.

Netflix’s new neo-noir sci-fi show is to ALMOST all of our tastes. But not everybody.

Zach, Miguel, and Andrew drink beer and explore Sword and Sorcery fiction with Elric, The Witcher, Jirel, Rat Queens and more.

The Best Wrestlers of All Time! Never Got Presents! Mass Extinction! And it’s LIVE! Public Axis, doing it live, the core three in the place to be and our guests – a live audience


Chris Herman and Chris Cox team up again to take on all the new movie and tv trailers and news stories in this epic two-part Breakfast Pub episode now available in the forums for Red Shirt and above subscribers.

Bayer & Snider take a look back at the best films of 2017, talk some new blu-ray releases, and give away a copy of the book “Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film”.


Somebody Likes It Ep 122 – Descendents: Milo Goes to College

1 Submitted by on Mon, 29 January 2018, 13:27
Going to college—in and of itself, sans context—isn’t entirely remarkable. Literally thousands of people do it. But when you’re the lead singer of a coffee-infused punk band in the early 1980s, and your down time en route to picking up your Ph.D in Biochemistry is spent at the intersection of extended adolescence and minute-long thrash-centric “nerdcore”, people tend to notice. Continue Reading...
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Books & Beer – Ep 4: Sword and Sorcery Origins

0 Submitted by on Mon, 29 January 2018, 13:11
Join Miguel, Andrew, and Zach while they grease up their muscles for battles against serpent men and alien elephant gods. With mouthfuls of Gushers and Off With Your Red IPA, they discuss Robert E. Howard’s Kull and Conan characters and the origins of Sword & Sorcery.   ...
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Watch a Movie With Us: Batman Returns

2 Submitted by on Mon, 29 January 2018, 12:55
This gathering of folks to record a commentary for Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” turned into something kinda special. We put Chris Cox, Chris Herman, Martin Thomas, and Joe Parsons in a room together and it almost immediately became the lost episode of the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen. And if you’re a subscriber at the Time Lord level or above Continue Reading...
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Eye on the Prize- Ep 8: And the Nominees Are…

3 Submitted by on Mon, 29 January 2018, 12:22
The Prizefighters have gathered to cover the event they’ve been eagerly anticipating: the Academy Awards nominations. There will be a thorough discussion of that, detours into their favorite best actor and actress winners, a dissing on the Razzies and other bits of sleep deprived silliness we won’t spoil. Comment on the page to talk about your favorite nominees or biggest Continue Reading...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: Hostiles

3 Submitted by on Thu, 25 January 2018, 12:33
Christian Bale is a VERY tired soldier. In 1892, he is right about to be done with the whole thing when his captain gives him one last order to fulfill: take this dying Cheyenne war chief they have in custody, and his family, on a LONG trip back to their tribal lands in Montana so he can die there. Having Continue Reading...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: Maze Runner: The Death Cure

1 Submitted by on Thu, 25 January 2018, 12:13
Somehow, out of all the NOT Harry Potter or Hunger Games YA adapted series, it was the Maze Runner books that actually made it to the end of their three movie run. I would have put my bets on Beautiful Creatures, but here we are. In this final chapter, our runners attempt to rescue their own from the ridiculously acronymed WCKD corp. In doing Continue Reading...
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Five and Out 165: Best of 2017

0 Submitted by on Wed, 24 January 2018, 12:20
We’re back from the holiday hiatus! This week we talk about Metal Gear Solid 5, The Last Jedi (Spoilers from 21:30 – 31:45), and our Best of 2017! Enjoy! What are your Top 5 Best of 2017? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: Small Town Crime

3 Submitted by on Tue, 23 January 2018, 11:18
John Hawkes is a washed-up, alcoholic, total mess of an ex-cop whose sister (Octavia Spencer) and her husband (Anthony Anderson) are the last two people in their small town who’ll still put up with him being around…aside from bartenders when he actually manages to have cash on hand. But when he stumbles into a murder case, the old detective light Continue Reading...
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