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Hosts: TJ Bozarth, Davey Peppers and Leslie McReynolds

Get ready to wear out your couch cushions! Each week on the Intern DOT Cast show we tell you what you should and shouldn’t be bingeing on your favorite streaming services. We review new and old features so that you know exactly if it is worth adding to your queue! As listeners turned interns Davey, TJ, and Leslie invite a rotating panel of guests to look at the current world of cinema through the underling perspective. Listen now and join the reckoning of the INTERN!

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Intern.Cast Episode 11: The Handmaid’s Tale

We are joined for the first time by guest-ern Eliot to discuss Crashing and Four in the Morning. Eliot and Davey fight about Bryan Fuller and American Gods. Finally we start the revolution and review the Hulu original The Handmaid’s Tale. Blessed day!

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Intern.Cast Episode 10: Lucid Dream and F is for Family

Guestern London joins us today to discuss Class of 1999, Brendan Fraser movies, Tom Hank’s peeing habits, and Raw. We briefly talk F is for Family Season 2 before we snuggle up and review the Netflix Original Lucid Dream. Needless to say, this isn’t what we would envision an Inception-inspired Korean film to be.

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Intern.Cast Episode 9: War Machine

This week we are joined by intern Justin Zarian. We talk about Twin Peaks, Prison Break Season 5, Untold Stories of the ER, and Leslie and Justin share their stories of being on set at Breaking Bad and Zoey 101. All of this before we get into the most expensive Netflix Original to date: War Machine. Pro-War or Pro-Peace; all walks of life won’t be able to resist doing a Brad Pitt impression after this flick.

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Intern.Cast Episode 8: BLAME! Ft. Master of None S2

An anime fan, an anime casual reader, and an anime amateur walk into a bar. They discuss the Netflix original BLAME! Pause for laughter. Leslie, TJ, and Davey are all back today to review the first anime on this show. Is it anything like you have seen before? Yes. But its not for lack of trying! We also get a special call in review of Master of None Season 2 by intern Trace Sauveur. We discuss the beautiful ladies Jennifer Connelly and Zoe Saldana, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Batman Movie, Alien: Covenant, and Snatched!

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Intern.Cast Episode 7: I Love Dick

There’s no way to talk about this show like adults, is there? On today’s Intern.Cast, Davey and guest London tackle Amazon Prime’s newest show…I Love Dick. What a ridiculous title. As the two dive into Jill Soloway’s experimental program, we discuss feminism, art, and the joy that is Kevin Bacon, as well as brief discussions about Their Finest, Catfight, and more on today’s Intern.Cast! (Sorry for the technical glitch half-way through, that is all Davey’s fault).

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Intern.Cast Episode 6: Small Crimes

As we look at some of the great neo-noir films of recent memory, we also found a movie trying its hardest to be included: Small Crimes, the newest film by E.L. Katz (Cheap Thrills). Davey, TJ, and Leslie are joined by Aidan to review the film and they have to ask: is it another modern classic, or just a throwaway 90 minutes? All that and more on the Intern.Cast where we also cover Ghost in the Shell, movie theater etiquette, the dangers of Corgis, Colossal, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

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Intern.Cast Ep 5: Dear White People

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about something important on the Intern.Cast, so interns Davey and TJ are joined by special guest Bill for a review of Netflix’s Dear White People season one! Is it worth all the controversy and debate, or is it just another poor film-to-tv adaptation? Find out on today’s Intern.Cast, where we also cover Personal Shopper and The Circle, before diving into all things systematic racism! (Please don’t send us hate mail)

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Intern.Cast Episode 4: SuperMansion s2

In dire need for some decent comedy, interns TJ and Davey once again team up with guest host London for an in-depth review of Crackle’s SuperMansion season two, where we take more time discussing the show than the show’s writers seemed to do coming up with the plot! We also discuss the dangers of watching on Crackle, the under-seen indie The Ticket, the absolutely reprehensible Unforgettable, the new streaming movie Slam, and London brings some class to the show by talking about the most recent story in The New Yorker. Experience all this and more on the newest episode of the Intern.Cast!

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Intern.Cast Episode 3: Sandy Wexler

This week’s review took a toll on the OneOfUs.Net interns TJ, Leslie, Davey, and guest host London. SPOILER ALERT: TJ goes on a lengthy rant about nerd icon Felicia Day. We revel in the insanity of the slosh broadway show Shit Faced Shakespeare and the newly released Fate of the Furious. We also discuss the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Love Season 2. School is in session on this episode of the Intern DOT Cast show as fellow staff writer London joins us to talk about The Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn. Apologies in advance for our seething hatred as we review the third Adam Sandler Netflix Original, Sandy Wexler!

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Intern.Cast Ep 2: 13 Reasons Why

On today’s episode of the Intern.cast, TJ, Davey, and Leslie discuss the first season of Netflix’s newest drama, 13 Reasons Why and try to find if there are 13 reasons why anybody should ever be watching this show. All this and more on today’s Intern.cast,’s podcast devoted to all things streaming, as told by the overly excited underlings at!

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Intern.Cast Ep 1: The Discovery

On this episode of the brand new Intern.cast, your hosts TJ, Davey, and Leslie attempt to answer the many questions brought on by Charlie McDowell’s new film The Discovery: What does it mean that life could continue after death? Is it our responsibility as a species to share all the knowledge we gain? Can anybody ever truly take Jason Segel seriously? Find out on today’s episode of the Intern.cast,’s podcast devoted to all things streaming as brought to you by the occasionally hardworking interns at!