Intern.Cast Episode 24 – The Babysitter


This week we discuss The Meyerowitz Stories and Black Mirror. Then the adults have a date night and leave Davey the Baby at home with the sitter. He claims the babysitter is awful and hurt him physically. We don’t believe him. Stupid kids. Let’s watch the nanny cam and find out if the Netflix original The Babysitter is as bad as he says.

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1 thought on “Intern.Cast Episode 24 – The Babysitter”

  1. I have listen to several of your podcast sound comes too low, and it is disheartening to start a podcast were people is being shitty to other people having the first sentences in the podcast shut the fuck up! maybe is your dynamic but it comes out as a power play to assert dominance or something like that. and I see just contrarian and dismissive opinions from Davey he doesn’t play ball with his co-casters at all.

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