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Star Trek Beyond Trailer Reaction

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No, this ain’t no mirage. There’s a new trailer for Star Trek Beyond, the third entry in the rebooted film franchise and the entry in the Trek canon that will celebrate the sci-fi entity’s 50th anniversary. All the players are back; Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Dr. Spock, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Anton Yelchin as Chekov and John Cho as Sulu. Trek ’09 and Star Trek Into Darknes director JJ Abrams is still on as a producer, but he was a bit too busy with another sci-fi franchise to direct this one (I believe it was… a new Alf movie). Instead, director Justin Lin (of the 4th, 5th and 6th Fast & Furious franchise) will take helm of the latest adventure of the Starship Enterprise. The trailer can be viewed below;


Well… that looked like fun, didn’t it? The use of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” (which played a role in the ’09 reboot) gave the trailer an energetic & lively tone. This helps liven up the action and character interactions, the latter of which seems to showcase Simon Pegg’s comedic work on the screenplay. Plus, even with the problems I had with something like Wrath of Khan Remix  Star Trek Into Darkness, this reboot cast still has a phenomenal rapport with each other and a solid reign on who these characters are. The newcomers involved are also played by some capable actors under heavy make up: Idris Elba as our villain and Kingsman‘s Sofia Boutella as a mysterious alien out to help our crew. They seem to be quite mobile in their action scene moments, which showcase Justin Lin’s talent for elaborate stunts and character interaction. It just made me thankful that Lin replaced previous Trek writer Roberto Orci as director, who would have likely given us a disaster of a third entry. At least with Lin   who brought life back to a pretty dull franchise with Fast and Furious   this franchise has a chance of getting some steam back in it. Or we could get a repeat of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Star Trek Beyond beams up on July 22, 2016.

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  • Travis Pickle

    looks/feels more like Starwars or Guardians of the Galaxy but as Startrek hasn’t been my ‘thing’ since Shatner days that’s fine by me! I remember enjoying the first Abrahams one thinking this is frikin awesome! this guy would do a kick arse Starwars film! lol

  • Sean

    We’ll see, I didn’t even disliked Into Darkness for being a remake of Wrath of Khan, I disliked it for being a pretty boring movie.

    Hopefully this one will be better.

    • Sakura

      Really not a remake of wrath of khan, no genesis project, no revenge scheme because they left khan and his crew on some planet which are some major points in wrath of khan. All they really took was khan and someone dying in the warp chamber. I like the movie. Dealt with the characters emotions more which is more star treky . If you thought Into Darkness was boring, don’t ever watch TOS. Into darkness is like a Michael Bay movie in comparison.

      Also, Fast and Furious was stupid and Star Wars was boring (and I’m talking about the original 3), and I loved Into Darkness and prefer the philosophy talk of TOS. Testosterone filled explosions are not what we need. Too much of it. Maybe at the least Spock and Uhura will break up. (A girl can dream. The awkwardness between the two ruins the dynamic)

      • Brandon Mack

        I’m on the other side of their relationship I hope it improves as it feels one of the few things that feel very different to the other universe.

      • Sean

        True, it wasn’t necessarily a remake but it was clearly paying homage to it, I was just trying to say that the reason I didn’t enjoy it was different than that of most people. I don’t know why you think I’ve never seen TOS or why I would prefer a Michael Bay movie instead, but OK.

        Also, I’m not sure why you decided to insult two other unrelated franchises, but it’s fine. I’m not particularly fond of this trailer but I want to stay positive, I don’t want to write a movie off before watching it first.

  • Sakura

    You do realize that Dr. Spock is a baby doctor not Mr. Spock. Please fix that. Or at the least Commander Spock. You’ll upset a lot of people

  • Brandon Mack

    I’m not sure how I feel about this trailer. conflicted would be my best answer

  • Postman257

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like this trailer

    Into Darkness got so far up it’s own ass with it’s blunted nostalgia pandering (Khan, Spock prime, tribbles etc.) and although it’s not a boring movie it is poorly paced and at times stops completely for no good reason

    Beyond feels like it could be the palate cleanser I need to get the bad taste of Into Darkness out of my mouth and if the trailer is an indication of what the movie is going to be about, crash landing and getting stranded on a hostile planet could be a cool premise to make for a pretty cool star trek movie

  • A. T. Smith

    The only thing that gives me pause is yet another catastrophic attack on the Enterprise where it is about to be grounded. I mean at this rate the B not too far away.

    One more thing Lin also directed Tokyo Drift, so that’s 4 F&F movies he directed.