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Digital Noise Ep 117: A Split Decision

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This week on Digital Noise: Joe and Chris can’t come to terms on a pick of the week. Honestly, there were just too many options. So they both choose one and agree that each other chose wisely. Ok, so not as big a conflict as I might have made it seem but now you KNOW you have to listen to this week’s episode to get the sweet hook-up to what you should really be going out of your way to check out. All this and a contest to win American Ultra. Check it out.

PS: Sorry about the weird sound quality drop in the last minute of the cast.

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  • Johnny Neill

    So I liked Man From UNCLE. Guilty as charged! I’m not blowing Hobbits.

  • VintageSnarker

    I loved/love Amy Winehouse’s music and I liked her in a few of her early TV appearances. Thank you again for recommending this movie. I saw it in the theater. It was heartbreaking. As for NMTB, my understanding is that Simon and Amy were friends.