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Bayer and Snider talk about “Creed”, “The Good Dinosaur”, “Victor Frankenstein” and “By the Sea”.

JC and Beau hide from the gunshots behind the bar as Tom Hardy playing the Kray twins decimate London.

Brian and Elliot go back to an alternate timeline to analyze Pixar’s latest dinosaur romp.

Fantasy picks, College and NFL football, Black Friday game plans, all this and Jessica Jones to boot!

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe camp it up in this new telling of Mary Shelley’s classic tale.

The Screamcast looks at “The Black Cats” box set, “Route 666” and “Valet Girls”.

Michael B. Jordan plays the son of Apollo Creed who wants to be a fighter and is filled with rage…it’ll take a Rocky to point him in the right direction.

Strange Jobs! Childhood Heroes! Influential Documentaries! Just wait for Roger Rabbit to start, baby, with Public Axis and guest Brian Gutierrez!

Richard and Marco check out all the home releases and feature a contest to win the award winning indie sci-fi film “Uncanny”.

Michael Keaton and his investigative team in Boston discover a massive conspiracy covering up child molestation in the Catholic church. And you GOTTA see it.

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Big Finishing Move: ‘Doctor Who: The Early Adventures: The Yes Men’

0 Submitted by on Fri, 27 November 2015, 11:59
Welcome fellow mortals to the Big Finishing Move here on One Of Us. This is my little digital kiosk on the greater interwebs where I review the works of Big Finish and let the people know if something is of quality or if their money is better served getting a second can of cranberry sauce (I know this is coming out after Thanksgiving, but Continue Reading...
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Movie BS Ep 287: ‘Creed,’ ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ ‘Victor Frankenstein,’ ‘By the Sea’

0 Submitted by on Fri, 27 November 2015, 09:59
0:00 – Hi, we’re digesting 1:50 – Creed review 13:45 – The Good Dinosaur review (Snider only) 18:35 – Victor Frankenstein review (Snider only) 22:15 – By the Sea review (Snider only 24:40 – QOTW (movie families to spend Thanksgiving with) 31:30 – Someone asks us a question 34:10 – Jeff & Eric’s Excellent Adventure: Thanksgiving 2001, ending with a Continue Reading...
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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Reaction

4 Submitted by on Wed, 25 November 2015, 11:59
After many months of anticipation, Marvel Studios has finally released the first official trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Along with making a rather awkward debut on the ever-so annoying Jimmel Kimmel Live, Civil War looks to be promising less of a Captain America movie and more of Avengers film. The trailer features an appearance by almost every superhero in Continue Reading...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: Legend

2 Submitted by on Wed, 25 November 2015, 11:59
Tom Hardy plays both of the infamous Kray twins in the 60s as they tore through London with their mobstery ways. Beau and JC describe the madness for your listening pleasure....
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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Good Dinosaur

1 Submitted by on Wed, 25 November 2015, 09:59
A lost dinosaur named Arlo and a small cave boy (yes, this is established as an alternate timeline) team up to survive in a rather hippy version of the alternate past where even the T-Rexes are just farmers. It could only be made in California. Brian and Elliot review....
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Animated Anarchy: Bojack Horseman Season 2

0 Submitted by on Wed, 25 November 2015, 07:59
As my thoughts on Bojack Horseman are relatively well known amongst my friends and readers, I still wanted to persevere because of the potential this show has. Creator/writer Raphael Bob-Waksberg converted most people by pulling the dramatic shift halfway through, proving Bojack Horseman had legs when it came to character development and tension. It is perfectly devised to fit with Continue Reading...
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Inside the Locker: Measured and Meditative

0 Submitted by on Tue, 24 November 2015, 17:59
Welcome back to another limited edition of Inside the Locker–the most measured and meditative pod on the Web. It’s fantasy playoff season, and we have a series of unmissable tips. Then we pause to talk about what we’re thankful for, before dissecting college football’s succulent slate of rivalry week games. We talk historic hoops, coaching carousels, and NFL picks. In Continue Reading...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: Victor Frankenstein

1 Submitted by on Tue, 24 November 2015, 15:59
In this revisionist bro-mance, James McAvoy plays the titular Victor, filled with genius and madness, spitting his passionate lines into the camera while Daniel Radcliffe is a (eventually) much cuter and quieter Igor than we’re traditionally accustomed to. Together, in an extended prequel type of fashion, they work (somewhat reluctantly on Igor’s part) towards the modern Prometheus. But does this Continue Reading...
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ScreamCast 85: The Black Cats On Route 666

2 Submitted by on Tue, 24 November 2015, 11:59
This week we dig into the new Arrow Video box set, The Black Cats! Two films inspired by Edgar Allan Poe with very different results by Sergio Martino and Lucio Fulci. We also dive into some Lou Diamond Phillips insanity with Route 666 and some non-horror sex comedy shenanigans with Valet Girls!...
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Highly Suspect Review: Creed

4 Submitted by on Tue, 24 November 2015, 10:59
Or, come on…Rocky VII. Which is fine with me as… #1: All but one of the Rocky films are eminently watchable and re-watchable (I’m looking at you, V). #2: The last Rocky film, Rocky Balboa, was one of the best. #3: Michael B. Jordan is a great young actor with a big future in front of him and whatsay we Continue Reading...
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