One of US What's Your Fandom?

Topics this week include Final Fantasy in general, Metal Gear (because how could they not?) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The gang has to fight a master vampire in the classic D&D module, “Ravenloft”…part two.

Sickness be damned! We’ve still got NFL picks, what’s wrong with Texas football, a preview of Saturday’s Mexico-USA soccer showdown and more!

Bayer and Snider talk about “The Walk”, “Goodnight Mommy” and more.

This week Wes and Steve discuss Rambo, weird time displacements, and our Top 5 Musical Numbers!

Brad recaps the insanity of Fantastic Fest 2015

After Andrew Garfield’s house is (probably illegally) foreclosed on by Michael Shannon, out of desperation he goes to work for the same guy who screwed him over.

The Music Men release the Doves with “The Last Broadcast”

The whole gang gathers to talk about a LOT of FF films including “Green Room”, “Bone Tomahawk” and “Anomalisa”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a high-wire artist who puts together an elaborate plan to complete his illegal tightrope walk between the World Trade Center towers. Robert Zemeckis directs. What could go wrong? (spoiler: lots)

Who will save Matt Damon from being trapped by himself on Mars? WHO, I ask you. Matt Damon will save himself, that’s who. And SCIENCE!

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Randy Plays Games Ep 22: Ravenloft Pt 2

1 Submitted by on Mon, 12 October 2015, 08:59
The dark adventure continues as Randy, Chris, Beau, Joe and Sarah explore the dark labyrinth of the undead as guided by our guest DM Sam in one of the classic Dungeons & Dragons modules, Ravenloft. Do you want to play Ravenloft for yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need. If you live in the Austin area, you can pick it up at Rogue’s Continue Reading...
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INSIDE THE LOCKER: Food Poisoning & Flu Won’t Keep Us Down!

0 Submitted by on Fri, 09 October 2015, 16:59
Welcome to another episode of the hardest-working podcast in show business. On this episode Adam has the flu, Logan has food poisoning. But Elliott, JC, and Ramon make time to ride out the shallow bench. On the docket: entitlement, toxic masculinity, our Week 5 NFL picks. We diagnose what’s wrong with Texas football, and noted soccer authority Stephen Whiting of Continue Reading...
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Let’s Look At ‘Amazing Spider-Man #1’

2 Submitted by on Fri, 09 October 2015, 14:59
Spider-Man is and always will be my favorite superhero. My own identity as a comics fan and the wall-crawler are so intertwined that I can honestly say without any sense of hyperbole that I would not be the man I am today without Spidey. I care what people do with Peter Parker, I swore off Marvel entirely for two years due Continue Reading...
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Trailer Reaction: Triple 9

0 Submitted by on Fri, 09 October 2015, 12:59
When looking at John Hillcoat’s small, but solid filmography, the words “bleak” and “violent” typically come to mind. Honestly, it’s hard to think of any other words that can adequately describe Hillcoat’s past directorial efforts like The Road or The Proposition, both of which deal with the astonishingly evil things people are capable of committing. In keeping with that brutal Continue Reading...
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Five and Out 113: Musical Numbers

2 Submitted by on Thu, 08 October 2015, 14:59
Listener submitted! This week Wes and Steve discuss Rambo, weird time displacements, and our Top 5 Musical Numbers! Enjoy! What are your Top 5 Musical Numbers? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: 99 Homes

1 Submitted by on Thu, 08 October 2015, 08:59
I wouldn’t have been able to predict that a film about the banks illegally foreclosing on homes would be one of the most tense and frightening films of the year, but…oh wait, Michael Shannon stars in it. There ya go. Andrew Garfield is just trying to save his family home but at every turn, he’s lied to, told contradictory things, Continue Reading...
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