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The Music Men don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about Brendan Benson’s album “Lapalco”.

Brad, BJ, and Sean talk about The Conjuring 2 and its director James Wan’s fascinating career.

Wherein the Chris and Chris (or Herman as we’ve forced him to be referred to) take on Rooster Teeth’s first dramatic web show, Day 5.

There is a struggle for power in the group as key decisions in their fate are made.

Richard and Chris return each week to discuss the new episodes of the Cinemax adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast.

Bayer and Snider discuss “The Shallows”, “Free State of Jones” and “De Palma”.

New Episode Alert!

Chris and Herman (who is way past his bedtime) delve into the latest trailers and headlines in this week’s Breakfast Pub!



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Somebody Likes It – Ep 81: Brendan Benson – Lapalco

1 Submitted by on Wed, 29 June 2016, 16:59
For whatever reason, singer songwriters who write obsessively hook-laden, occasionally Beatlesque pop-rock tracks tend to be overlooked (or outright dismissed) by certain tastemakers. Such seems to have been the case with Brendan Benson, who you may know as the other chief songwriter from The Raconteurs, but who also arguably perfected undeniably catchy ditties of his own craft. Which brings us Continue Reading...
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ScreamCast 108: Conjuring Up A Creepy Puppet

0 Submitted by on Tue, 28 June 2016, 14:59
With his breakout hit Saw, to his recent descent into the paranormal with the Insidious franchise and now The Conjuring franchise, James Wan doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Branching out in non-horror with Furious 7 and now tackling Aquaman for Warner Bros, Wan doesn’t seem to want to be pigeonholed as a horror director. But we think that’s what Continue Reading...
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The Orphans – Episode Six: Hostile Takeover

0 Submitted by on Mon, 27 June 2016, 08:59
The Orphans, Episode VI: Hostile Takeover Part 6 of 7 There is a struggle for power in the group as key decisions in their fate are made. Written & Directed by: Zachary Fortais-Gomm Starring: Aimee Kember as Nora James Barbarossa as Geoffrey Alex Bird as Baz Gavin Richards as Richard Declan Galpin as William Ruby Parker-Harbord as Valerie Laura Girling Continue Reading...
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Movie BS Ep 315: ‘The Shallows,’ ‘Free State of Jones,’ ‘De Palma’

0 Submitted by on Fri, 24 June 2016, 14:59
0:00 – Hello, Jeff’s in a mood, iTunes review 2:20 – Independence Day: Resurgence wasn’t screened for critics in the U.S. 4:50 – Free State of Jones review 14:15 – The Shallows review (Snider only), ending with shark anecdotes 19:20 – De Palma review (Snider only) 22:20 – QOTW (movies from 1996 that should get sequels) 33:25 – Summer Box Continue Reading...
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Highly Spoileriffic Reviews: Independence Day: Resurgence

3 Submitted by on Fri, 24 June 2016, 08:59
The aliens are back! And so are Fox’s hopes to get a franchise out of Roland Emmerich’s ID4, only 20 years later. This time around the world feels more prepared, as they’ve adapted much of the alien tech and advanced significantly, preparing themselves for interstellar defense in the future, only they hadn’t met the worst that their antagonists had to Continue Reading...
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Five and Out 137: Free-For-All #4

0 Submitted by on Thu, 23 June 2016, 10:59
This week Wes and Steve discuss Father’s Day, The Lobster, and put each other in the hot seat as we do our fourth Free-For-All! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!...
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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Neon Demon

2 Submitted by on Thu, 23 June 2016, 09:59
Director Nicolas Winding-Refn returns with his latest visual and auditory delight, albeit one that might very well send most audiences running out of the theaters…and for good reason. Elle Fanning plays a young wannabe model who has barely arrived in LA before she’s being sought desperately as the next big thing. But this fashion world is more than it seems. Although Continue Reading...
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Watch a Movie With Us: Dune

0 Submitted by on Wed, 22 June 2016, 11:59
EXCLUSIVE COMMENTARY FOR TIME LORDS AND JEDI! Dune. Some said it was unfilmable. Most still do. David Lynch gave it a solid try and ended up with…well, this. Not that we’re all haters. No, we’ve got a hater (Sarah), a lover (Beau) and a noob (Herman). And then there’s Chris who shows up towards the end to “spice” things up. Continue Reading...
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