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Hosts: An Ever-Rotating Lineup of OOU.Net’s Unusual Suspects

That’s right, your favorite geek conglomerate website is now doing audio movie reviews! The cast of reviewers is subject to change even movie to movie, we have a whole rogues gallery of cinema outlaws, but one thing you can always count on is that these funny and insightful film reviews will always be, in some way, Highly Suspect.

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The Littler Stranger

Set in 1947, Domnhall Gleeson plays a country doctor who is attending to the remains of a family who live at a crumbling, but once magnificent home. Will Poulter is the severely war-mangled son trying to run the family’s affairs but is even more crippled psychologically. Ruth Wilson is the daughter who is smarter than she seems to let on and gradually is becoming a glint in Gleeson’s eye. Charlotte Rampling is Mom, who seems nice enough till you catch her ranting about the ghost of her other daughter who she claims haunts them. And is that going to be a problem? Yes, as it turns out. Listen to Chris, Beau, Marco, Michael, and Ben give their review.

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What would YOU do if you stumbled across a super bad-ass destroy-oh-boy space rifle? You’d probably blow some stuff the hell up, right? Yeah, us too. Considerably more restrained (at first) is the protagonist of Kin, a teen boy (Myles Truitt) who lives with his adopted father (Dennis Quaid). Their life is shaken up when his dad’s other son (Jack Reynor) arrives home after a lengthy stint in prison and tries to rob the family business to pay back a scummy gangster (James Franco). On the run, the two kids have not only the Frano-led gangsters chasing them across the country but the police as well. Oh, and two dudes from…where or whenever…trying to retrieve the supah-cool gun that the teen is packing. As to how all this actually is to watch, you’ll have to listen to Chris, Marco, and Aaron to find out.


Kelly Macdonald plays Agnes, a mousey, seriously observant Catholic girl, who seemingly has lived her entire life in unquestioning servitude to the men of her family. Now with a doting but clueless husband and two teenage boys, she finds herself questioning her own happiness when a puzzle given as a birthday gift opens up a whole new world to her. We’re actually kinda sad so many of you who don’t live near an art-house cinema won’t get to see this wonderful, subtle little film but you can listen to Chris, Beau, and Miguel give their review of it.

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Based on the true story (and not as much on the original legendary 1973 adaptation with Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, the makers would have us believe), the unenviable task of taking on this story of two inmates at a French Guyana prison who repeatedly attempted to escape is left to Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek. Does it in any way live up to the original? You’ll have to listen to Chris, Patience, and Ben’s review to find out.

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The Happytime Murders

Has it really been almost 30 years since Peter Jackson’s Meet The Feebles? That long since we had a puppet movie with cursing, drugs, sex, and murder? Maybe that should tell us something. Or not, as the new film The Happytime Murders, which the Jim Henson company has been trying to get made since 2008, is definitely going to have its fans. Clearly, generally speaking, critics are not among those fans, but Chris, Patience, Miguel, Ben, and Kim kinda came down in the middle on this one. Listen to their review here.

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Mile 22

Yeah, yeah, Mark Wahlberg plays the leader of a highly trained group of military operatives (under their remote handler ‘mother’ played by John Malkovich). He talks fast and is generally kind of an asshole. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, right? Peter Berg directs…well, of course he does. But what’s this, the guy playing the character who shows up saying he’s got vital information for them that will save lives but it’s on a clock and they’ve got to get him out of the country because everyone in Indonesia wants him dead IS…Iko Uwais. For you noobs, that’s the lead in the two Raid movies that if you haven’t seen, we’re done talking because you’re already away from your computer going to find copies of them to watch first. Uwais also choreographed the stunts. Now THAT is something not run of the mill, about this military thriller. Actually, there’s a lot not run of the mill about this film, but not always in a good way. Listen to Zach, Miguel, Chris, JC, and Aaron on the review.

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Crazy Rich Asians

Jon M. Chu (director of one of Chris’s favorite guilty pleasures of all time, Step Up 3D) heads this adaptation of the popular novel about a middle-class Asian-American woman (Constance Wu) whose very serious Chinese boyfriend (Henry Golding) takes her with him to Singapore to his brother’s wedding only for her to discover he’s so rich, he’s basically royalty. Dealing with his gigantic family, and especially his disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) is tough, but Singapore…damn. Ain’t no partying like partying with crazy rich people in a crazy rich town. With a solid supporting cast as well, who knew our team of reviewers would actually enjoy this all-Asian rom-com as much as they did? Listen to Chris, Kim, Ben, and Michael dish up the goods.

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Spike Lee returns with this true story of a black police officer (played by John David Washington) who in the late 70s/early 80s infiltrated the Klu Klux Klan through phone calls and an odd phone pal relationship with then Grand Dragon, David Duke (Topher Grace). Since obviously, he wasn’t going to be convincing when he attended a meet in person, another police officer (Adam Driver) assumed his persona during these occasions. Lee applies his story mechanics and, eventually, modern day contextualization to the film along with touches of Blacksploitation cinema stylistics making for a film that despite rave festival reviews, had a mixed reaction from our crew of reviewers, Chris, Michael, and Ben. Listen to their review here.

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Never Goin Back

A24 is releasing a stoner comedy? Sure, why not. And that’s what’s UP, as Maia Mitchell (Angela) and Camilla Morrone (Jessie) have a major star turn as two teens living in shitty-town-anywhere-in-Texas who are the best of friends and share a room together, and a house with Jessie’s older brother and HIS roommate. It’s a hard-knock life, as they say, but the girls between partying and shifts at work seem to make a go of it, until they take a chance by spending some rent money on a birthday trip to the beach and find that their plan to make up the cash with overtime shifts at work doesn’t exactly work out. This is one of the big surprises of the summer, or at least it is according to Chris, Marco, and Michael. Check out their review here.

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The Meg

Jason Statham vs Biggest Shark Ever. Say it with me, Jason Statham vs Biggest Shark Ever. I mean, you kinda have no choice but to go see it, right? It’s not like you’re expecting it to be GOOD, per say, but it’s Jason Statham vs Biggest Shark Ever so you pretty much come in with a sorta lowered expectations of ready to be WOWED by less. And that’s what The Meg gives you but your results may vary. Just ask Chris, Matt, Patience, and Ben…

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Dog Days

Ken Marino directs this film about a bunch of folks who don’t know each other or only kinda know each other, and their stories of love, friendship, etc, as related to adorable little pups. You know the kind of movie I’m talking about. Substitute a holiday theme for dogs and you’ve got this movie. Starring Eva Longoria, Thomas Lennon, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Lauren Lapkus, Adam Pally, Ryan Hansen, Rob Corddry, Tone Bell, Jon Bass, and Finn Wolfhard. I’m betting you’re probably not going to see this film, but you should definitely listen to our grousing review starring Chris, Michael, Ben, Marco, and Ben.

Christopher Robin

Get yourself ready to have that interminable theme song get stuck in your head again. What theme song, you ask? Well, Disney’s Christopher Robin is a Winnie The Pooh movie being tricksy. Picture the human boy from those stories, the titular character here, now all grown up into Ewan McGregor and married to Haley Atwell with a kid of his own and a crap job. He’s forgotten all about his old friends in the 100-acre woods, or at least, dismissed them as flights of fancy…until one shows up in his home demanding he go with him back to the woods to find his friends who have all mysteriously disappeared. I mean, this thing could have easily have swerved into horror movie territory, right? But no, this is a kids/nostalgic adults movie and the folks you have to listen to talking about it are Chris, Shak, and Frank.

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Darkest Minds

Are ya’ll ready for another YA book adaptation! YEAH, LET ME HEAR IT, WHAT WHAT? Wait, I don’t hear anything. Oh yeah, because WE’RE ALL GETTING PRETTY TIRED OF THESE THINGS. But, here we go again only now with seemingly career-YA-actress Amandla Stenberg (you know, Rue from The Hunger Games) as the main character in a world where most kids suddenly died of a mysterious disease, but those who didn’t got one of five powers. The government took all those kids and either murdered them, imprisoned them, or turned them into hounds like Rachel Summers (you X-Men comic readers know what I’m talking about). So now Rue (deal with it) and her new friends are on the run looking for a may-or-may-not-exist safe place where powered kids can live in their socialist utopia. *sigh*. Anyhow, your reviewers are Chris, Shak, Kim, and Marco. Enjoy.

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The Spy Who Dumped Me

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are two best friends who are dealing with Mila just getting dumped by text (DON’T EVER DO THAT) by her boyfriend (Justin Theroux) when everything goes crazy when it turns out he was a spy, all the other spies were hunting him, and some kinda spycraft wazooie is in Mila and Kate’s possession. Then off we go to Europe for the ladies who handle imminent death scenarios much better than I suspect any of the HSR crew would. Speaking of, the reviewers for this film are Chris, Frank, Ben, and Kim.

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You know those Unfriended movies? The horror films where the entire movie is viewed on someone’s computer desktop. Ok, so your results may vary there but here’s a take on that genre(?) that actually is getting extremely positive reviews. Jon Cho is searching for his missing 16 year old daughter with the help of a police detective (Debra Messing) and uses his own mad data-collection skills to try to track her down only to discover she’s not the person he thought she was. Listen to Chris interrogate Marco, Kim, and Elliott on the proceedings.

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

This Cartoon Network show has gotten the big screen treatment causing consternation in some DC animation fans who still mourn the loss of the previous Teen Titans show that was not as much aimed at the young’uns. Still, this very meta-movie (think, Deadpool for kids) caused near heart attack levels of laughter from at least two of our critics. Listen to Matt, Chris, and Michael give their reviews.

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Mission Impossible: Fallout

Who would have thought that one of the most reliably entertaining film franchises would end up being Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series? Well, at least from III on. For the first time, we have a writer/director returning for a second film (Christopher McQuarrie, who also worked with Cruise on five other films) as Tom and the team deal with a former villain (Sean Harris) and the cult that grew up around him trying to start a nuclear apocalypse as well as a brooding, arm cocking, CIA agent (Henry Cavill). But how does it stack up in the franchise? Does it live up to the hype you might be hearing? Listen to Chris, Michael, Aaron, Frank, and George complete their reviewing mission.

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Eighth Grade

You wouldn’t think a little indie film about an adorable little eighth-grade girl who makes her own motivational youtube videos (that no one watches) and has trouble making friends or connecting with her father would be one of the most highly praised films of the year, but here we are. Comedian Bo Burnham writes and directs as if he was once a deeply insecure 13 year old himself. Listen to Chris, Aaron, and Ben talk about the film and find out if all the hype is true.

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Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Gus Van Sant directs Joaquim Phoenix as the well-known quadriplegic cartoonist John Callahan as we follow his travails through alcoholism, recovery, and dealing with a not-always admiring public. Based on the artist’s autobiography, the film also stars Jack Black, Rooney Mara, and a very notable turn by Jonah Hill. Listen to Chris, Beau, and Marco give their review.

The Equalizer 2

Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington are back together again in the first sequel Denzel has ever starred in (I know, how is that possible?) and it’s to that just-okay adaptation of the 80’s tv show that didn’t really feel all at all like an adaptation of said tv show. Ok, so here we go with round two and surprise: this time it actually kinda DOES feel like the show. Avenging wrongs. Helping the helpless. Oh, and a main plot that really is more like a sub-plot with Melissa Leo and Pedro Pascal. But how is it? Listen to Chris, Beau, Marco, Ben, and Lara to find out.

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Unfriended: The Dark Web

I guess some of you really liked (or at least paid to go see) the Blumhouse produced Unfriended in 2014. We thought this ‘ghost in the machine’ laptop-vision horror was pretty lame. Now we’ve got a sequel…except, it’s really more of a reboot. This time around, we still got the laptop-o-vision as the entirety of the screen, but we join a group of friends skyping a game night and it turns out one of them has a stolen laptop. Stolen from the type of people you don’t want to make upset. One by one they go and ok, so ultimately it’s the same type of thing as the first only no supernatural stuff (unless you count Mr. Robot level hacking abilities). But how does it compare? Listen to Chris, Miguel, Aaron, and Elliott.

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Mama Mia!: Here We Go Again

Because your moms asked for it, here we go again (sigh) with the sequel to 2008’s insanely (and I mean that literally) popular ABBA-song infested musical film adaptation, Mama Mia! Now, the cast returns for this prequel-ish film with Lily James playing the younger version of a now dead (and having little more than a cameo appearance here) Meryl Streep. We sent Michael, Frank, and Ben to check it out. They came back alive. Listen to what they have to say. It’s the least you can do for these warriors.

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Vera Farmiga plays Laura, a woman whose life is a total mess but at LEAST she doesn’t have to deal with her deadbeat ex-husband (Bobby Cannavale) or her ne’er-do-well father (Christopher Plummer)… until she does. Forced to take a road trip with the old man to rescue him from the retirement home he’s being forced out of for immodest behavior, she and her son (and a steadily growing menagerie of dogs) deal with him as he surreptitiously deals weed out of the back of her car along the way. Listen to Chris, Marco, and Lara give their review.



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