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Hosts: An Ever-Rotating Lineup of OOU.Net’s Unusual Suspects

That’s right, your favorite geek conglomerate website is now doing audio movie reviews! The cast of reviewers is subject to change even movie to movie, we have a whole rogues gallery of cinema outlaws, but one thing you can always count on is that these funny and insightful film reviews will always be, in some way, Highly Suspect.

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This Valentine’s Week, there is an unprecedented plethora of cinematic romance bursting forth onto multiplex screens; yes, bursting…like an overripe cow heart. Rom-coms and Rom-drams are positively crowding into theaters, all fighting to be THE movie that you are forced to see this weekend. There were so many flicks in fact, that most of them screened for press here in Austin on the same night!

It is for this reason that the normally tight-knit and united cadre of miscreants known as The Unusual Suspects had to split up; had to divide and conquer this unenviable Herculean task. They then reconvened for one Highly Suspect, and highly extensive, Review.

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Robocop has been rebooted…or perhaps it’s more appropriate to say rebuilt. The Unusual Suspects gather in their industrial hideout like the Boddicker gang, and dig into the finite circuitry of Jose Padilha’s nouveau-Robo.

Their prime directives? To serve the movie-goer trust, protect the innocent (from potentially wasting ticket money), and to uphold their own convictions (warped though they may sometimes be). Could the studio make Robocop better than it was before? Stronger? Faster? More Explosion-er? Dead or alive, Chris, Brian, Ashley, and Beau are coming to a verdict on this.

Listen to this Highly Suspect Review or there will be…trouble. Thank you for your cooperation.

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HSR_371_The_Monuments_MenThe Monuments Men

Clooney himself stars with Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Jean Dujardin, Hugh Bonneville, John Goodman, and Bob Baliban, an impressive collection of talent to be sure. But will it be an “Arty Dozen” or a just-going-through-the-”Motions Eleven”? That’s what your team of Unusual Suspects is here for.

Going deep into enemy territory with little hope of survival is their mission. This crack team of expert reviewers, Chris, Ashley, Elliott, and Beau, must get in, watch the movie, and get out with the secret review plans. God rest their souls.

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HSR_371_The_Lego_MovieThe Lego Movie

Did they really make a movie based on…?

I mean we know Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, but come on! How could anyone possibly make a movie based on building bricks and create something anybody would want to go see?

Oh, what? It’s directed by who? Ok, we’re interested.

Indeed we all thought it was ill-advised, but what in fact would be the final verdict of the Unusual Suspects once we had seen all the pieces put together? Ashley, Elliott, Beau, and Brian evade the internet lawmen once more to discuss how the movie connected with each and every one of them.

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HSR_371_Labor_DayLabor Day

It shouldn’t be too laborious to get up off your keister and see the new film written and directed by Jason Reitman, right? I mean, the guy made “Thank You For Smoking” and “Up in the Air”.

But what if I told you that JJ Reity was trying to horn in on Nicholas Sparks territory. Maybe grabbing excellent actors like Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet to steam up the screen.

No, seriously, some of us really liked it. Find out who by listening to JC, Martin, Chris and Ashley take turns dishing on “Labor Day”.

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HSR_371_The_Invisible_WomanThe Invisible Woman

Now don’t get all huffy and run off, it may be a romantic period piece but it’s got ol’ Ralph playing the great author (and just wild human being) Charles Dickens. Patriarch of a distressingly huge family, after having used his wife for decades as a baby factory, his eyes light on a young actress, Nelly, played here by up-and-comer Felicity Jones.

I’m feeling younger and more spry myself just thinking about her.

These were different times, and a woman who decides to be a mistress better be sure she can keep that job, because there wasn’t much in the way of a retirement plan back then..

The Unusual Suspects are on the case to give you the heads up: Too dry and English-y (apologies to my British friends or anyone who respects the English language) or Too wet and mushy? Or maybe, just maybe, this one is just right. Ashley, Martin and Chris give ya the low-down.

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HSR_371_The_Nut_JobThe Nut Job

Man, there is just nothing I love more than a good heist movie. So many classics in the genre. Oh wait, there’s a new one? Great! And you say it’s from South Korea? Oh man, I am so excited. Who’s in it?

Will Arnett? Well, ok, seems like weird casting for this but…Brendan Fraser…wait, what’s going on here? Gabriel Iglesias? You did say this was a Korean heist movie, right? Katherine Heigl….Seriously, you better start running now, I don’t know how long I can hold myself back.

Oh, I see, it’s an ANIMATED film. And Liam Neeson is in it as well? Why didn’t you just say so? I can’t imagine Martin, Elliott and Ashley could find anything about this they didn’t like, right?



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HSR_371_Ride_AlongRide Along

Ok, ok, we’re not going to make you go see Ride Along if you don’t want to.

Rather, you get to hear the Unusual Suspects’ tales of woe as they relate the story of Ice Cube as a gruff cop having to take Kevin Hart’s fast-talking security guard character along for a 24 hour patrol because Hart wants to prove himself worthy of marrying Cube’s sister.

Your wounded but proud reviewers today are Ashley, Martin, JC and Brian. Be nice to them. I suspect they’ve had a rough ride.

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HSR_371_Jack_RyanJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Paramount goes back to the beginning (as is the trend lately with franchise characters) with an actor who’s already used to doing exactly that, Chris Pine,. Instead of treading the halls of a space ship, this time he walking through Wall Street as Tom Clancy’s spy hero, Jack Ryan.

Thrill to the danger as the Unusual Suspects choose to accept this dangerous mission of reviewing Kenneth Branagh’s (that’s right, he directed it too) Jack Ryan. Your agents for this case will be Chris, Beau, Martin and Elliot. Good Luck.

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HSR_371_Hercules_Final_2The Legend of Hercules

Hercules. Child of the king of the gods. A symbol for strength and accomplishment.

Why did they hire Kellan Lutz to play him again?

 Is there a reason to see this other than manly bo-hunks (if that’s your thing)? Leave it up to Chris, Ashley, Elliot and JC to make the call. Check out what our Unusual Suspects have to say about “The Legend of Hercules”.

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HSR_371_LoneSurviorLone Survivor

Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, and Taylor Kitsch all fight for the right to be the titular spoilery Lone Survivor in this film by Peter Berg, more than making up for whatever the hell possessed him to make “Battleship”. Check out Ashley, Chris, Martin and JC’s review.

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HSR_371_MittyThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller fantasizes about being a better film director as he plays the titular role of a dreamer who is forced to live real life when his job comes into jeopardy, but fortunately he has the help of his co-worker and fantasy girl, played by Kristen Wiig. Check out Martin, Chris and JC as they discuss the whys and wherefores of Mitty’s mind.

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HSR_371_WolfThe Wolf of Wall Street

Leo DiCaprio stars as a Wall Street guy who doesn’t have time to do things the easy way (re: the legal way). He’s gotta get rich biatch! With supporting roles from Jonah Hill, Matthew McConnaughey, Jean Dujardin, Rob Reiner, and pretty much everyone in Hollywood, it’s hard to see how the Unusual Suspects, this time around Chris, Martin, and JC,  could have anything to say about this but ‘masterpiece’…… …. Unless…..

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photo(1)Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

The Paranormal Activity series spawns a spin-offin this Latino side-story to the popular franchise, featuring more folks getting possessed, getting scared, and inexplicably filming absolutely everything. Join Ashley, Elliot, Chris and Brian for a spirited (GET IT, SPIRITED….   ….sorry) review of the latest installment in this probably endless horror tale.

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HSR_371_Inside_LLewyn-DavisInside Llewyn Davis

The Coen Brothers are back with their heart-warming holiday tale of a musician in the sixties who pretty much takes advantage of everyone he comes across in any way he can so as to avoid freezing to death. But how does it fair with The Unusual Suspects? Martin, JC and Chris are here to divvy up the review loot and let you know if that critical praise you’ve been hearing is real or just a false alarm.

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HSR_371_American_HustleAmerican Hustle

The seventies are back, and more sideboobed than you’ve ever seen before! The Unusual Suspects crew pulls out Chris, Martin, Beau and the new fish, JC, out of their lineup to give you the deets.

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HSR_371_SavingMrBanksSaving Mr. Banks

Do we praise “Saving Mr Banks”, the story of how “Mary Poppins” got made, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson….or do we condemn it? It’s more complicated a question than you might think.

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The Unusual Suspects have gathered for this Highly Suspect review of what many critics have deemed the best film of the year. Brian and Chris are joined by Martin Thomas and Beau Paul of The Original Gentlemen to decide whether or not the consensus surrounding this intimate sci-fi experiment, featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, is legit. Is it as great as everyone claims?

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HSR_371_Anchorman_2Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

The Unusual Suspects of the Highly Suspect Reviews News Team pulls Chris, Brian, Elliot, and Ashley out of its roster to take on the latest in the Burgundy legend. Will he rise to the top? Will Elliot and Ashley rise to the challenge? Only pressing ‘play’ can reveal the truth…

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HSR_2_371The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Our first foray in the world of theatrical release reviews is for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Join Christopher Lawrence Cox, Martin Thomas, Beau Paul, and Brian Salisbury as they negotiate the tricksy waters of the second prequel to their precious LOTR films.