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Welcome to Springfield: Bart’s New Friend (26X11)

0 Submitted by on Thu, 15 January 2015, 08:01
Homer’s fellow safety inspector retires, forcing him to work harder to keep his job. Marge takes him and the family to the circus in order to get him to relax, and later meet a hypnotist who makes Homer believe he’s a 10-year-old boy. Before he can be changed back however, the hypnotist is almost arrested and later flees. With Homer now believing he’s 10, he becomes Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 26×10: The Man Who Came To Be Dinner

0 Submitted by on Fri, 09 January 2015, 08:01
The Simpsons go to a Disneyland-esque park and go on a ride, only to discover they’re on a spaceship headed to Rigel 7. On the planet, they’re given a tour and then put in captivity. They’re later told they have to pick one of their own to be sacrificed to the Queen of Rigel 7.       Homer is chosen as the sacrifice, but is saved by Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield: The Bad, The Ugly, and the Why Did I Sign Up for This?

2 Submitted by on Fri, 02 January 2015, 08:01
The Simpsons is like a family member to me, when I was younger I’d come home and it was waiting for me, reviewing the newer episodes has been like visiting a seriously ill relative in the hospital: you keep hoping they’ll get better, but deep down you know they’ll never be the same. Simpsorama:  Summary: Bender is sent back to kill Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 26×05: Opposites A-Frack

0 Submitted by on Tue, 11 November 2014, 10:33
After discovering that Mr.Burns is running an illegal fracking operation in their neighborhood, Lisa writes to assemblywoman Maxine (Jane Fonda) and Mr.Burns is forced to stop. Afterwards, Mr. Burns yells at Maxine and the two have sex in her office and start a secret relationship. Desperate to get the fracking rights to Evergreen Terrace, Mr. Burns hires Homer to persuade his neighbors. Soon, everyone Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 02×02: Simpson and Delilah

0 Submitted by on Thu, 06 November 2014, 12:01
After seeing an ad for a hair growth chemical, Homer wants in. A little insurance fraud later, he gets it and soon has a full head of hair. Thanks to his new hair, Homer receives a token promotion. He hires a man named Karl (not his friend Carl) as his assistant and climbs the corporate ladder, making Smithers jealous. Smithers Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 2×01: Bart gets an F

0 Submitted by on Mon, 27 October 2014, 07:01
Bart’s done it this time. After failing a quiz, he’s given one more chance or he’ll repeat the fourth grade. Given the severity of the situation, he buckles down and tries to study. Out of desperation, he even gets his natural enemy, Martin Prince, to help him. With test day looming, Bart prays for a snowstorm so he’ll have more Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 26×4: Treehouse of Horror XXV

0 Submitted by on Fri, 24 October 2014, 07:01
Story 1: Bart and Lisa are sent to hell after reading some ancient writing on a desk. Bart discovers he likes hell’s version of school better than Springfield Elementary and excels as a student. Story 2: A re-telling of A Clockwork Orange where Moe is the leader of Homer, Lenny and Carl. After Homer falls for Marg,e the gang breaks Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 26×3: Super Franchise Me

1 Submitted by on Tue, 21 October 2014, 15:03
The plug is pulled on Homer’s meat freezer and Marge makes sandwiches out of all the meat she manages to save. After they become a hit, Marge is told to invest in her own sandwich shop, leading her to join forces with a popular franchise. After losing employees, the shop turns around when the family starts working there. Things are Continue Reading...
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Welcome to Springfield 26×02: The Wreck of the Relationship

0 Submitted by on Wed, 08 October 2014, 09:01
Homer is getting no respect from Bart and after a standoff over a piece of broccoli, Marge books them onto a cruise to help them work out their issues. Things get worse as Bart becomes second-in-command and Homer gets the captain drunk during a storm. After finally eating the broccoli, Homer accepts Bart’s authority and they get to land safely. Continue Reading...
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Welcome To Springfield: The Family Guy Special

3 Submitted by on Wed, 01 October 2014, 09:01
Looks like I’m pulling a double this week. While The Simpsons Guy may be a Family Guy episode, The Simpsons is my beat and I need to review this. In this episode, Peter becomes a newspaper cartoonist and quickly offends local women. Fearing for their lives, the Griffin family makes its escape out of Quahog to wait until the heat dies down. After Continue Reading...
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