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Screener Squad: Thunder Road

Ever had the loss of a loved one mess with everything in your life? Jim Cummings has apparently, or at least his character does in this movie that Cummings not only played the lead in, but also wrote and directed. Adapting his original short film, we follow Officer Jim who, following a humiliatingly overwrought eulogy at his mother’s funeral, tries to return to his daily routine. However, the stress from the loss, along with potentially losing his daughter in a custody battle with his ex-wife, is making Jim more emotionally vulnerable than ever. Can he find a way to constructively channel his grief before he pushes all of his family and friends away?

The film is admittedly impressive in the way it emphasizes long takes to highlight its strong central performance. How does it fare as a whole product though? Justin and Davey would say it’s a pretty solid film, even if they aren’t completely in agreement on how much they liked it. Just be ready to get weepy, and more than a little uncomfortable, when you find this tragicomedy streaming on a service near you.

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