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Screener Squad: Stella’s Last Weekend

How does one prepare for the impending death of a family dog? Why, by throwing a goodbye party for them while dealing with love triangles of course! Written, directed by and starring Polly Draper (thirtysomething), the film follows two brothers named Jack and Oliver, played by real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff respectively, planing for one last weekend with their mother and her boyfriend before euthanizing their dog, Stella. However, things get complicated when Oliver brings over his girlfriend Violet (Paulina Singer), who Jack may still have a crush on after a prior fling…and she may still have a crush on him too! How will this all these messy emotions culminate in the end?

For this review, Justin managed to call upon “The TV Dudes” podcaster and dog lover Les Weiler to discuss this genuinely likable, if not memorable, romantic film. Just don’t watch this with your dogs like Les did or it may elicit very strong emotions!

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