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Eye On The Prize Ep 14- Best Picture Review – Driving Miss Daisy

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Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

The Prizefighters are starting a new subsection of Eye on the Prize! Every now and then, they will review prior Best Picture winners to not only judge their own merits but to see what kind of legacy they have left on film. How have they held up over time? What performers or crew went on to bigger and better things? It’s a chance to fill in blind spots in their Oscar knowledge and, like the rest of this podcast, fully nerd out!

For their first review, they decided to tackle an easier target with Driving Miss Daisy. Due to its status of being regarded as a ‘weak’ Best Picture winner, Justin and Brad have neglected to watch this movie for a long time. Now they have corrected that to see if the film truly deserves the flack it receives and see what good possibly came out of it.

Since this is the first episode of a new segment, it will be a little rough in spots as we find our footing to tackle this review. If you have suggestions for how to improve the reviews or anything you’d like to hear in future recordings, please comment!

The review goes to about 23:25 and then it’s analysis of it’s Oscar competition and legacy right after.