Highly Suspect Reviews: The Darkest Minds

Are ya’ll ready for another YA book adaptation! YEAH, LET ME HEAR IT, WHAT WHAT? Wait, I don’t hear anything. Oh yeah, because WE’RE ALL GETTING PRETTY TIRED OF THESE THINGS. But, here we go again only now with seemingly career-YA-actress Amandla Stenberg (you know, Rue from The Hunger Games) as the main character in a world where most kids suddenly died of a mysterious disease, but those who didn’t got one of five powers. The government took all those kids and either murdered them, imprisoned them, or turned them into hounds like Rachel Summers (you X-Men comic readers know what I’m talking about). So now Rue (deal with it) and her new friends are on the run looking for a may-or-may-not-exist safe place where powered kids can live in their socialist utopia. *sigh*. Anyhow, your reviewers are Chris, Shak, Kim, and Marco. Enjoy.

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