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Highly Suspect Reviews: “Never Goin’ Back”

A24 is releasing a stoner comedy? Sure, why not. And that’s what’s UP, as Maia Mitchell (Angela) and Camilla Morrone (Jessie) have a major star turn as two teens living in shitty-town-anywhere-in-Texas who are the best of friends and share a room together, and a house with Jessie’s older brother and HIS roommate. It’s a hard-knock life, as they say, but the girls between partying and shifts at work seem to make a go of it, until they take a chance by spending some rent money on a birthday trip to the beach and find that their plan to make up the cash with overtime shifts at work doesn’t exactly work out. This is one of the big surprises of the summer, or at least it is according to Chris, Marco, and Michael. Check out their review here.

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