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Highly Suspect Reviews: Mile 22

Yeah, yeah, Mark Wahlberg plays the leader of a highly trained group of military operatives (under their remote handler ‘mother’ played by John Malkovich). He talks fast and is generally kind of an asshole. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, right? Peter Berg directs…well, of course he does. But what’s this, the guy playing the character who shows up saying he’s got vital information for them that will save lives but it’s on a clock and they’ve got to get him out of the country because everyone in Indonesia wants him dead IS…Iko Uwais. For you noobs, that’s the lead in the two Raid movies that if you haven’t seen, we’re done talking because you’re already away from your computer going to find copies of them to watch first. Uwais also choreographed the stunts. Now THAT is something not run of the mill, about this military thriller. Actually, there’s a lot not run of the mill about this film, but not always in a good way. Listen to Zach, Miguel, Chris, JC, and Aaron on the review.


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