Highly Suspect Reviews: Disney’s Christopher Robin

Get yourself ready to have that interminable theme song get stuck in your head again. What theme song, you ask? Well, Disney’s Christopher Robin is a Winnie The Pooh movie being tricksy. Picture the human boy from those stories, the titular character here, now all grown up into Ewan McGregor and married to Haley Atwell with a kid of his own and a crap job. He’s forgotten all about his old friends in the 100-acre woods, or at least, dismissed them as flights of fancy…until one shows up in his home demanding he go with him back to the woods to find his friends who have all mysteriously disappeared. I mean, this thing could have easily have swerved into horror movie territory, right? But no, this is a kids/nostalgic adults movie and the folks you have to listen to talking about it are Chris, Shak, and Frank.

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