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The Unnamed Interview Show: Cast and Creators of “Everyone Is Doing Great”

You probably know actors James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti from one of their numerous other television appearances, perhaps even the show they were on together, One Tree Hill. They’re friends and have written, directed, and starred in a pilot for a new potential series, Everyone Is Doing Great, featuring two out of work actors, who formerly were big on a teen vampire show, trying to get their lives together and get new jobs. We really enjoyed the first episode that we saw at ATX in Austin, and think you will too. There’s lots more info about it on the Indiegogo page for the project. Meanwhile, Beau and Chris got to sit down with James, Stephen, and their co-star/producer, Michelle Lang and had a fun conversation about their lives, this show, and how noisy a hotel bar can be even in the early afternoon in downtown Austin.


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