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Introducing “Emily Hush”

We love to promote creative stuff that our subscribers are involved in and one of our biggest supporters is Maciej Kur. He hails from Poland and works as a comic writer; some of the stuff that he’s done was a pretty big deal! Well, if you read Polish. I have been at him for years now to get some of his comics translated so we can check them out over here, and lo: it begins. Starting with Emilka Sza (or Emily Hush) written by Maciej and drawn by the incredibly popular artist Magdalena “Meago” Kania this book is…well, I’ll just let Maciej tell you himself, then you can look at the pages…


It’s about the adventures of Emily Hush an enigmatic and mischievious mime from Poland. A REAL mime – she is unable to make any sounds, was born with snow-white skin in a hospital only she could see! She’s the real deal! (Unlike those fake mimes who only pretend to see things!) Talented actress, big dreamer, and seeker of real love! Her friends include a blind guitar player Nataly, her little cousin Eric, an angry and unlucky girl named Maya and Justyna, a bonkers, eccentric and life loving girl and who much like Emily lives in her own little world. The stories follow wacky scenarios, often take humor into abstract places, as well go into deeper themes of depression, loneliness, lack of communication, illusion vs. reality and the need for human contact.

The following short episode was published in Poland in September 2017, and as well was part of an exhibition on International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź. The series still looking for a publisher outside of Poland… *COUGH*!

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You can find Magdalena online right here and the official Emilka Sza facebook page is here. And Maciej always loves new FB friends: you can find him right here.