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Highly Suspect Reviews: Cobra Kai Season 1

A television series set thirty years after the original The Karate Kid? Produced by and distributed through YouTube Red? Written and directed by the teams behind Harold and Kumar and Hot Tub Time Machine? None of this sounds like a recipe for success. So how in the world did Cobra Kai end up being so nuanced and emotionally involving? Well, the writers made it The Karate Kid meets Warrior. That’s how!

Justin Zarian and Unapologetic Geek Out‘s Nick Thyes give you all the reasons why you should strike fast and without mercy to sign up for a YouTube Red free trial just to watch this. Bolstered by a strong ensemble cast headlined by William Zapka and Ralph Macchio, along with a script that mines character depth through well-paced plot developments, it’s a fast and solidly entertaining binge that will leave you eagerly awaiting a second season.

There will be minor spoilers discussed near the very end, but you can get a comprehensive non-spoiler review up to the 33:50 mark and walk away satisfied with our analysis.

The first two episodes are available for free without YouTube Red in the links below:
Episode 1 – “Ace Degenerate” 
Episode 2 – “Strike First” 

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