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Win Tickets to Kill Zombies in ZEDTOWN

What is ZEDTOWN? Well, here’s the official boilerplate:

ZEDTOWN is an immersive game of Survivors vs Zombies where hundreds of players, armed with only foam blasters, battle to make it to the final stand in a post-apocalypse-themed adventure.  Everyone starts as a survivor in a unique story-driven scenario.  Characters give you quests and missions, a call-in radio station gives tips and updates, and the game app tracks all your achievements.  Each player works with their squad to try and survive. If you’re tagged by a zombie, you become one too and then there’s only one thing you want to do…hunt the most BRAINS!

Zedtown has been played across Australia, with multiple story lines, and after five years it’s finally invading the United States!  Be one of the VERY FIRST players in America and recruit friends to join and vote! #ZedtownUSA #Zedtown

So why are we bringing this up here? Because we’ve got a pair of tickets that you can win to go on April 14th in Austin Texas at the Travis Expo Center. And we’ll be there as well!

So how do you win? Just post a link to this page on your social media with some sort of commentary from you about it and then post the link to that here in the comments. We’ll be picking winners soon so GET TO IT and let’s all go kill some zombies together. And hey, if you don’t win or if you want to get some tickets on your own, you can do it right here!