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Somebody Likes It Ep 126: Guns & Roses – “Appetite For Destruction”

What do you say about Axl Rose? Where do you start? Tiny bike shorts? His interest in guitar players with interesting head gear choices (black top hat with silver conch shells/an upside down KFC bucket)? His Noel Gallagheresqe inability to properly use words when describing things (Noel-“SLOWLY walking down the hall, FASTER than a cannonball”/Axl-“wait for the thunder and the rain to QUIETLY pass me by-yai-yai”? Since his actual nom de plume is W. Axl Rose, off stage, does he prefer to be addressed as W. or Axl?

So many mysteries, so little time. Maybe there are answers to some riddles contained within the album Appetite for Destruction, come along on our journey…

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