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Highly Suspect Reviews: Isle of Dogs

Despite the lack of Fox’s confidence in Wes Anderson’s latest film, Isle of Dogs, we all jumped up to be on the list to see this new critically acclaimed animated work from the guy who did this sort of thing to great results in 2009 with The Fantastic Mr Fox. This, time, the story isn’t adapted from a previously existing work, but is all Anderson.

In Japan, a ruthless mayor banishes all dogs to a trash island because of a ‘canine flu’. A young boy, the nephew to the mayor, goes to the island to rescue his dog only to find him missing but with the help of a group of dogs (voiced by Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Bob Balaban, Ed Norton, and Jeff Goldblum) he goes on an adventure to find his best friend. And we go on an adventure to convince you to go see this movie, as Chris, Beau, Marco, Zach, and Miguel come in with high marks indeed.

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