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Eye on the Prize – Ep. 10: Predicting the Nominees

Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

March 4th is upon us! We will soon find out who will take home statues at this year’s Oscars, so it’s time to make predictions and place bets. Justin, Shakyl, and J.C. make educated guesses on who they think will win (with Ian’s to follow in a comment post), along with doing one more retrospective covering the best director and picture winners of the last decade. Oh and there’s a bit about Justin and Shakyl talking about their Black Panther theater experiences that is pretty amusing.

NOTE: For some reason, my Audacity would occasionally cut out bits of my audio if someone started talking while I talked (which I suppose is fair for all the times I’ve interrupted people). I’ve tried to smooth out the most egregious errors throughout the podcast, but you may hear a few audio hiccups now and then.

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