Thumbtacks and Screwjobs Ep 17: Still %^*^ This Company


Wrasslin’ returns! Richard and Gene explore the greatest mystery of all – a Royal Rumble that doesn’t suck. In fact, a Royal Rumble that was so good that they almost forgot about Wrestle Kingdom for five minutes. Plus, Gene cuts the promo to end all promos on Raw 25. Earmuffs, children, earmuffs!

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1 thought on “Thumbtacks and Screwjobs Ep 17: Still %^*^ This Company”

  1. Enjoy the show, I’ll get my passport ready for whenever that party will happen… and I’ll have some of the pizza, too. I’ve said elsewhere that the reason RAW 25 was bad is because the regular writers were pulled to write the first season of the XFL. Imagine it: worked football!

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