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Somebody Likes It Ep 124: The Holiday Mixtape Show 2017

We figured out somewhere along the way that our Holiday Mixtape show wasn’t an annual tradition, actually. Mostly because we skipped doing it last year altogether. In retrospect, it’s probably better this way: Christmas songs tend to feel like abrupt departures from the norm, with a set of rules all their own, and a certain ascribed timelessness that may ensure a somewhat Stepford Wives sameness but also, when the chips fall just right, a perpetual seasonal bonus for the performer in question. Which, let’s be honest, is probably why many of the more recent holiday tracks happen.

It’s with these greater thoughts in mind that we present our 2017 Holiday Mixtape show, in which we unwrap a few ditties you know and a great many you won’t. Consider them conversation starters while you’re spiking the eggnog.

EDITOR NOTE: There was a mix-up in sending stuff and this episode, that clearly should have played in December, is only now going up and for that, you have all of our apologies. Think of it as a ‘rediscovered gem’. :p

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