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Somebody Likes It Ep 123 – Lou Reed: “New York”

As I write this, I am currently consuming the Jim Jarmusch documentary about the Stooges, Gimme Danger. This means nothing, other than the fact that it turns out the Stooges hung out with Nico, and that ridiculously beautiful German model had a hold (artistically!) with two massively influential bands. She is most known, of course, for collaborating with the Velvet Underground on their first record. Which leads me to my real point: Lou Reed. Lou led the aforementioned VU, and by most accounts, was a cantankerous asshole. Let that not lead one to assume that he was an untalented cantankerous asshole, for he was not. In 1989, Mr. Reed released the solo effort, New York. Suffice it to say, some love love this record, others quite less so. Critics were pretty hip to it, but they aren’t always right. Without giving away too much, I’ll just say that you should check in to a spirited debate about a document of pre-Giuliani New York, and decide for yourself. -Ryan Newsum

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