Highly Suspect Reviews: Winchester


Me yesterday: OMG, why won’t they screen Winchester for press? It’s got Helen Mirren starring in it! It’s about the freakin’ Winchester Mystery House and I’ve been wanting to see a movie made about that for, like, frickin’ ever! It’s made by the Spierig brothers who (with the exception of Jigsaw) have reliably made great genre films! WHY WHY WHY?

Me today: Oh.

Check out our review of the movie we had to pay to find out why the powers that be didn’t want us to be talking about. Featuring a section of the Deliberations of Doom crew: Chris, Patience, and Rob Summers!

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3 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Winchester”

  1. It’s sad to hear this movie sucks 🙁 Over the years you refrence this house in podcasts etc. I was really intrest in this story…

  2. For the love of God, Chris! We get it, you don’t like Donald Trump! I didn’t vote for him either, but you keep dragging him into every single damn review you do! I know you’re better than this

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