Highly Suspect Reviews: The Cloverfield Paradox


It was one of the weirdest media events ever, pronouncing a few hours before airtime that the much-anticipated (and oft-delayed) Cloverfield universe film, once titled The God Particle, but recently redesignated with the familiar moniker, would become viewable to all Netflix subscribers right at the end of this year’s Superbowl. However, I suspect it paid off in spades. Whether or not the quality of the film did for it’s many viewers is another matter entirely and one in which we came to different conclusions with our group in this FULL-ON SPOILER REVIEW (you have been warned) for the film. Join Chris, Matt Frank, Ian, George, Patience, and Dragonball Mike for their spirited discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: The Cloverfield Paradox”

  1. My rendition of the script writing process for this movie.
    Writer: “Stuff happens.”
    Producer: “What stuff?”
    Writer: “STUFF!!!”
    Producer: “But why?”
    Writer: “DIMENSIONS!!!”

  2. As a fan of the first two Cloverfield movies, I was so disappointed by The Cloverfield Paradox. I can at least say that the people behind the movies had the sense of put it on Netflix, because if I paid money to see this in theaters I’d have been kinda pissed.
    The production design and special effects, given the small budget it had, was good and the lead actress does a great job with what she had (she managed to take mediocre material and elevate it on an emotional level) to where some scenes of drama involving her are probably the best scenes in the movie. Even the scene with the guy’s eyeball kinda made me squirm, mainly because body horror, especially involving eyes, does make me squirm.
    That said, however, if you took the “Cloverfield” name out and took out all the crap that was made specifically to tie this with the first two movies, this still would’ve been a mediocre space thriller with uninteresting side characters who I was just waiting for the demise of and predictable plot points. The stupid author from the news broadcast at the beginning, the scenes with the husband on Earth investigating stuff, and the monster at the end could’ve all been cut out and the movie would’ve been all the better for it; it certainly wouldn’t have tainted the “Cloverfield” brand if that stuff was taken out.
    This movie, while not the worst movie ever, just killed the “Cloverfield” franchise for me. I don’t even want to watch that Overlord movie that’s coming up (a supernatural WWII movie), I so just don’t give a crap anymore. Unless they make a direct sequel to the first movie or 10 Cloverfield Lane and retcon the dimension bull-crap completely out, I don’t care. I. JUST. DON’T. CARE.

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