Deliberations of Doom Ep 22: Dario Argento Pt 2


This is a long one, get ready. Largely because when dividing up the topic into two episodes, I didn’t take into account just for how long we would all just spooge over how great Suspiria is. Well, regardless, we continue our discussion of the Italian horror maestro with Suspiria, Tenebrae, Phenomena, Opera, and The Stendahl Syndrome.

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12 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom Ep 22: Dario Argento Pt 2”

  1. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    These episodes of DOD have given me an excuse to finally watch some of the movies from Argento i hadn’t seen yet. So thank you for that ­čśÇ

  2. I really wish the Summers Bros would find ways to talk positively about movies that don’t make me want to avoid them. Suspiria is a movie that I, a complete horror neophyte, have heard in the same breath as films like Kubrick’s The Shining. And yet, the way they could best come up with to describe and sell Argento’s films is, “Sure they’re dumb and don’t make any sense, but aren’t they PRETTY??” For me personally, the technical elements of a film should not be the only selling point of a film. I like a story I can be invested in, and hearing Chris and Patience talk about Opera, it sounds like the kind of film I would personally despise, and even Suspiria, for all the phrase you guys gave it, kinda put me off a little bit since you guys all said it makes no sense and it drags. Boredom is not what I want from a horror movie. Or maybe, to quote Rob Summers, they aren’t really horror movies?

  3. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    The only time i saw Suspiria in theaters also last summer. i am so thankful i got to see it in it’s full remastered glory. I saw things i had never seen before on the (really good) Blue Underground DVD i own. I would have bought it on blu-ray but it was only a limited edition Synapse did i think.

  4. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    The first time i heard Chris talk about Suspiria it was back when Spill was still operating and i think it was in the show that ended up becoming Digital Noise when One of Us was started. And i had misunderstood him and thought he didn’t like it. I was shocked and offended lol.

  5. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    see, the razor wire bits and the “where do the teachers go at night” don’t bother me because i know i’m watching a nightmare when i watch Suspiria. I go through it like i go through my own nightmares i have at night (but Suspiria is way prettier than my nightmares): i make stupid decisions, i have no control over them no matter how much they go against any logical thinking. Things and places appear out of nowhere, i’m transported from one place to the next, places that shouldn’t be connected to one another by walking through a simple door. Nothing makes sense but i go through it because i have no choice, until i wake up.

    This is in part what makes Suspiria what it is in my opinion.
    This is also why I think remaking Suspiria is both a great and a terrible idea. I think it’s a great idea because the plot is paper thin and barely makes any sense, there is a lot of storytelling potential with the mythology set up by the movie that wasn’t really utilized.
    But i think it’s a terrible idea because Suspiria is a sensorial experience. It’s something that you have to let wash over you and you can make a movie with the same plot and characters and call it Suspiria if you want, but it’s not gonna be Suspiria.

    I don’t know if i’m making any sense.

  6. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    man, i am gonna have to rewatch Tenebrae because i missed a LOT of what you guys are talking about.

  7. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    Phenomena is my second favorite Argento movie so far.
    There are a lot i have yet to see though so who knows when all is over.

    Not gonna lie i was hoping you would talk about Mother of Tears because i HAAAAATED IT. It pissed me off even more than the ending of Inferno.

    I couldn’t even finish Dracula.

  8. … wow, no one can just let someone finish a sentence, can they?

    Other than that, interesting show. I like the suggestion that “Suspiria” is a nightmare on film, and maybe that is a more appropriate way to look at his movies that followed, especially “Phenomena” (which is more like a fever dream) and “Stendhal Syndrome”.

    I just hope that that you can turn the hyperbole down a little for the next show.

  9. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    Patience’s opinion on the Stendhal Syndrome is making me want to go back and rewatch it eventually. On the first watch i found it to be somewhat interesting but ultimately mostly a chore to get through until the last 30 minutes where it turned into a more conventional Argento movie. But at the same time, after listening to Patience talk about it, i realized that what came before was necessary to get the character in the headspace she was in in those last 30 minutes.
    That being said Alfredo got on my nerves after a while. He was annoying. The dialogue wasn’t great.

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